Quilting Update

My aunts sent me a bundle of fabric for my birthday!  Really neat patterns and some solid colors to go with them.  I also struck gold at a Joanne’s coupon craze sale getting a ton of fabric and some new tools.  I got a new Gingher rotary cutter that is adorable.  It works like a dream.  Way better than my old one.  I also got a new ruler that has the different angles to measure degrees on it.  My binding {Read More}

Finished Quilt Project Pictures

Pictures of my finished quilt projects! My wall hanging (this was my first ever quilt project):Pieced together Quilt Top (batting and backing missing) Finished Wall Hanging (lighting sucks in my craft room at night so please bear with me) First Baby Quilt Unfinished Quilt Top Quilted Top and finished project I hope my friend likes it!  Washing the baby quilt now to get all the starch and stuff out of it with some gentle soap.  Planning my next project!  I {Read More}

Baby Quilt Adventure

I bought a kit on July 4th weekend for a baby quilt.  The kit didn’t include batting since they basically had you seam the outside, turn it inside out and finish it that way.  I thought that wasn’t going to look that great so I decided to do a normal batting, backing and binding like regular quilts have.Yesterday was the first time I’ve quilted a project on my home sewing machine.  It was quite the experience.  I did some stitch {Read More}

Second Quilt Project

My friend had her baby four weeks premature over the holiday weekend so I had to scramble to work on a baby quilt that I planned to do closer to her due date.  I finished the quilt top last night.  The kit didn’t come with batting or backing since it wasn’t supposed to include it, I messed up the backing by cutting it too small so I’m just going to do a new batting/backing/binding on it and make it a {Read More}