Baby Quilt Adventure

I bought a kit on July 4th weekend for a baby quilt.  The kit didn’t include batting since they basically had you seam the outside, turn it inside out and finish it that way.  I thought that wasn’t going to look that great so I decided to do a normal batting, backing and binding like regular quilts have.
Yesterday was the first time I’ve quilted a project on my home sewing machine.  It was quite the experience.  I did some stitch in the ditch quilting last week on it and used my walking foot for the first time, but free quilting is a whole different matter.

See that little metal pin at the top of the darning foot?  Yeah – it caused all sorts of problems including me breaking a needle at one point.  It kept getting caught under this little pin that screws the needle in place and it caused the clear plastic guide that goes on the fabric to move around.  I ended up flipping the pin up out of the way so it didn’t rest on anything.  It completely fixed the problem but not before screwing up several stitches. 

Once I got that fixed I finished quilting the inside of the baby blanket.  I tried a new way to join my binding together and it worked out ok, though I think I’ll use the original way I was taught to do it next time so that the seam will look nicer. 

Overall the blanket looks really adorable.  The stippling in the middle really made it look awesome and I quilted in the ditch on the other seams.  I won’t be using clear nylon thread ever again.  What a pain in the butt. 

My next project will be a few practice quilts that are dog bed size.  I’m going to quilt a crate pad for Basil’s agility crate and I’ll be quilting Bernie a cute doggie mat to sleep on.  She loves sleeping on mats and stuff. 

I wish the fabric fairy would fall from the sky and send me a nice assortment of fabrics.  🙂

Pictures will follow of the finished baby quilt once the binding is hand stitched on. I got about halfway done yesterday and brought it to work with me so I could do some at lunch.