Quilting Update

My aunts sent me a bundle of fabric for my birthday!  Really neat patterns and some solid colors to go with them.  I also struck gold at a Joanne’s coupon craze sale getting a ton of fabric and some new tools.  I got a new Gingher rotary cutter that is adorable.  It works like a dream.  Way better than my old one.  I also got a new ruler that has the different angles to measure degrees on it.  My binding turns out much nicer with this.  I need a smaller version soon since this one is like 36″ long (which is handy when cutting long strips) and can become cumbersome when drawing a 45 degree line on a binding strip.

I’m currently working on a fundraising project making some quilted crate mats/doggie mats out of the flannel fabric that I have.  They are turning out ok.  The first one I did is a bit small and some of my free motion quilting turned out oddly since my darning foot was acting up.  I got a new darning foot that is ALL METAL and it works so much nicer!  I can’t wait to use it. 

Once I’m finished with my charity projects I think I’m going to make some curtains for my office since they took my blinds away and I feel like I’m working in a fishbowl.  I need to go find some discount fabric at Joannes and sew up some quick curtains.  They can’t be that hard to make.