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Second Quilt Project

My friend had her baby four weeks premature over the holiday weekend so I had to scramble to work on a baby quilt that I planned to do closer to her due date.  I finished the quilt top last night.  The kit didn’t come with batting or backing since it wasn’t supposed to include it, I messed up the backing by cutting it too small so I’m just going to do a new batting/backing/binding on it and make it a real quilt.  It turned out cute though.  I will say I HATE working with plush fabrics.  They are way too slippery on the machine.  Flannel is nice to work with and cottons but not plush. 

While I’m at the store picking up backing and batting I’m going to go ahead and pick out fabrics for my next quilt.  I have a nice pattern for a butterfly applique quilt out of this bargain bin book I found a while back at Barnes and Noble.  The panels are pretty simple and the applique isn’t too difficult.  It should be pretty quick to finish since it isn’t a huge quilt. 

I’m having fun doing it.  It is a nice hobby and my craft room is getting lots of use.  I wish the doggies felt more comfortable being in there with me though.

On my want list – a sturdy sewing table.  The table I’m using right now jumps up and down when I’m sewing at a medium pace.  I’ll have to scout one out from a secondhand store somewhere.

Baby Quilt Top

Baby Quilt Top

Baby Quilt Top

Baby Quilt Top

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