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Corgi Wallhanging Finished – Redux

I wasn't happy with the way the inside panels turned out on the wall hanging so I quilted the insides to keep the fabric from hanging so loose. BEFORE (See how loose it is?)AFTER (Fabric … [Read more...]

Yearning for the Weekend

On Sunday I finished sewing together the columns of the pinwheel quilt and I'm now a the part where I need to cut the fabric for the border.  I have some solid colors and I think I'm … [Read more...]

Singer 201 free motion practice

I read online that the only real way to get my thread tension problem worked out was to make up a bunch of quilt sandwiches and just go for it. So I played with it for over an hour tonight … [Read more...]

New Book On The Way

I ordered a used copy of Patchwork Comforters, Throws and Quilts after thumbing through it at Barnes and Noble and seeing several patterns I know I'd use.  There are lots of … [Read more...]

Pinwheel quilt top

Pinwheel quilt topOriginally uploaded by MagnoliaFlyTesting some placement ideas for blocks. No buttons have been chosen yet. I think I'll do that after the top is completed. There will … [Read more...]

Corgi Wallhanging Finished

I finished my latest project and my first original design, the corgi wall hanging.  I think it turned out nicely.  There are some things I would do differently next time around … [Read more...]

Two Left Feet

The darning foot I ordered from Sew Vac just was not working for me.  The plastic housing that went around the foot shank just kept moving and wouldn't ever stay still.  It was … [Read more...]


I've been haunting eBay for the past few days.  After bidding on a few auctions and losing them, I won a five pound box of scraps that looked interesting to me.I have a scrap drawer … [Read more...]


I purchased some inexpensive shelves at Home Depot over the weekend and got around to hanging them up last night.  I debated a few minutes on where to put them and then settled on … [Read more...]


Saturday the only quilty thing I did was drop off my Singer 201 at the sewing machine shop to get worked on.  It isn't cheap but at least I know it'll work perfectly once I bring it … [Read more...]