Corgi Wallhanging Finished – Redux

I wasn’t happy with the way the inside panels turned out on the wall hanging so I quilted the insides to keep the fabric from hanging so loose. BEFORE (See how loose it is?) AFTER (Fabric isn’t as loose) I did the diamond pattern on a 45 degree angle two inches apart.  It worked out pretty good.  Since I washed it it still has that wrinkly, quilty look but it makes it somewhat charming that way.  I was afraid to {Read More}

Yearning for the Weekend

On Sunday I finished sewing together the columns of the pinwheel quilt and I’m now a the part where I need to cut the fabric for the border.  I have some solid colors and I think I’m going to make a scrappy border around it since the whole quilt has lots of different colors anyway.  It is the biggest quilt I’ve done and I’m glad that I have my Singer to do the free motion on because I can already {Read More}

Singer 201 free motion practice

I read online that the only real way to get my thread tension problem worked out was to make up a bunch of quilt sandwiches and just go for it. So I played with it for over an hour tonight and figured it out. Only a few snags, mostly when the bobbin thread ran out. It does seem to be getting better which gives me hope.

New Book On The Way

I ordered a used copy of Patchwork Comforters, Throws and Quilts after thumbing through it at Barnes and Noble and seeing several patterns I know I’d use.  There are lots of books out there that are fun to look at but when it comes to actually using stuff inside them you have to wonder if you ever would.  I looked through five or six books before seeing this one and knowing right away I’d be sewing patterns out of it in no {Read More}

Pinwheel quilt top

Pinwheel quilt topOriginally uploaded by MagnoliaFly Testing some placement ideas for blocks. No buttons have been chosen yet. I think I’ll do that after the top is completed. There will also be a border at some point, I haven’t chosen what that will be either. It will have to either be a really colorful fabric to tie everything together or a really neutral fabric to make everything pop. I’ve considered doing my binding out of scraps but I am worried {Read More}

Corgi Wallhanging Finished

I finished my latest project and my first original design, the corgi wall hanging.  I think it turned out nicely.  There are some things I would do differently next time around though for sure. My binding would be a different color to offset the white border.  It probably would have been cute to use a brown or blue binding to kind of make the color pop.  I didn’t feel like making more binding and I already had some white binding {Read More}

Two Left Feet

The darning foot I ordered from Sew Vac just was not working for me.  The plastic housing that went around the foot shank just kept moving and wouldn’t ever stay still.  It was constantly giving me problems.  I’m surprised I was ever able to do any free motion work with that foot looking back. I ordered a nice, all metal darning foot from eBay.  Last night I used it for the first time on a wall hanging and noticed an {Read More}


I’ve been haunting eBay for the past few days.  After bidding on a few auctions and losing them, I won a five pound box of scraps that looked interesting to me. I have a scrap drawer quickly filling up.  I know I’ve thrown away some scraps that could have been saved and put into a scrap quilt but I didn’t know what to do with them so they ended up going into my trash bin.  I’m kicking myself now – {Read More}


I purchased some inexpensive shelves at Home Depot over the weekend and got around to hanging them up last night.  I debated a few minutes on where to put them and then settled on finding studs first before determining the height of the shelves.  I like the height of the big shelf but the little one seems to be a tad bit high.  Regardless, they will work well for me in getting things up out of the way off my {Read More}


Saturday the only quilty thing I did was drop off my Singer 201 at the sewing machine shop to get worked on.  It isn’t cheap but at least I know it’ll work perfectly once I bring it home on Saturday.  I was pretty busy this weekend.  Saturday I worked at my second job for a bit and did some things with the hubby since that was our only day off together.  Sunday I got up super early since I couldn’t {Read More}