Corgi Wallhanging Finished

I finished my latest project and my first original design, the corgi wall hanging.  I think it turned out nicely.  There are some things I would do differently next time around though for sure.

  • My binding would be a different color to offset the white border.  It probably would have been cute to use a brown or blue binding to kind of make the color pop.  I didn’t feel like making more binding and I already had some white binding made in a drawer so I just used that.
  • I would have done some sort of quilting around the dogs.  The fact that I didn’t do any quilting really showed once I washed the piece since the fabric got a bit dumpy as there was some loose parts around the dogs.  I quilted the inside of the dogs just for extra reinforcement but that seemed to cause an issue since I didn’t quilt anything else in the blue panels.
  • I probably will make it smaller next time.  It is a large size hanging and I think a smaller version would fit better in cubicles/offices and such.
  • I’d make the dog part out of a cotton fabric and not a cotton/polyester blend.  I used a brown fabric I got at the thrift store from what I think was a curtain.  It held up well but I don’t think the fusible web went on as easily as it would have if it was an all cotton fabric.  Also, while putting on the satin stitch around the dogs it frayed a bit.  Not sure if that was the fusible web I used or the fabric.  I think it was the fabric.  I know better for next time.  

I’ve had a few people inquire about doing this with different dog breeds.  Might be my first venture into an Etsy shop if I can get them going.  I need more template plastic for applique templates.

Other breeds that would probably sell well:

Cardigan Welsh Corgis
Australian Shephards
Border Collies

Overall it was a fun experience doing this.  It was rather quick to do.  I spent the most amount of time cutting out fabric after applying the fusible web.  Everything else went together pretty quickly.