First Use of Singer 201-2 – Sort of.

Last night I sat down to just try out my Singer 201 for a bit and see how to thread the bobbin, thread the upper part and the needle and just try out the different stitch lengths. 

It was completely frustrating. I’d get everything threaded and start sewing then the thread would break at the needle.  I changed my tension and it kept happening.  I checked the bobbin and it kept happening.  I changed thread and it kept happening.  I changed fabric and it kept happening. 

At that point I kind of gave up.  I told my husband about it and he agreed with me that it probably just needs a good servicing before being used.  He even agreed that since the machine is in such demand it would be a good idea to invest some money in it since they do seem to be holding their value.  The lightbulb thingie needs to be replaced since it doesn’t hold a bulb well and I’m sure the wiring inside needs to be looked at.  Neither of us are very mechanically inclined so I’d rather have a professional look at it than try to figure out how to do it myself.

The whole machine runs super quiet though.  I’m happy about that.  I think by the time I get my next quilt top finished it’ll be serviced and ready to rock my socks off.  We’re gonna take it down to the shop on Saturday and get it serviced.  The thing that sucks is that the pedal is built into the table it sits in so it can’t be removed.  I tried to figure out how to unhook the pedal but it seems to be wired into the machine and whoever built the table wired it directly into the built in foot pedal.  It’s ok though, the table is nice and the pedal works fine.  I’ll probably end up refinishing the table at some point.

Latest Quilting Project Update
I finished putting the blanket stitch on my pinwheel blocks on Sunday and pinned them all together so I could start piecing the actual parts to make the blocks.  

This was the first one.  I think it’ll look nice if I get big enough buttons.  Otherwise it looks like they aren’t touching at all since the diagram had me center all the panels in the middle of the block when I ironed them on.  I wasn’t sure how it would work but I think they will look nice.  I sewed together two more last night before calling it a night.

I still don’t have the backing, border or binding picked out for this project.  I want to see how the blocks look together so I can figure out how I want to go with it.  I was kind of leaning at using a black border to really contrast the colors and make them stick out but I’m not sure.  The whole thing is going to be really colorful.  I used a little bit of almost all of my fabrics that I have (which tells you how small my stash is currently).  The top of the quilt will have 25 different colored pinwheels in all. 

I’ve got fabric for a project I want to do (a butterfly applique quilt) but with Christmas fast approaching I’m trying to figure out Christmas gifts for the family.  My mom already put in her request which I’d already thought of doing anyway so that worked out.  I’ll have to figure out what to do about my husband’s side of the family. 

I purchased a template a few weeks ago for a wedding ring quilt and I read through the booklet.  I think it will make doing wedding ring quilts pretty easy though I’m still intimidated by the curves in it and getting points to line up.  I think I’m going to make a little tabletop one as a practice try and see how I like it. 

I have some pillows in my closet I want to recover in some way and some foam square inserts I want to use for a doggie mattress. At some point I want to clean out my closet and reorganize the shelves to work better for the current craft project I’m doing.  Right now things are just kind of stuck haphazardly on there wherever I could fit things so I want to fix that. 

I need to get some new spray starch.  I’m running low! 


  1. You might want to see if the pedal can be modified so that it can disconnect from the machine. It never hurts to ask when your talking to the repairman.