I purchased some inexpensive shelves at Home Depot over the weekend and got around to hanging them up last night.  I debated a few minutes on where to put them and then settled on finding studs first before determining the height of the shelves.  I like the height of the big shelf but the little one seems to be a tad bit high.  Regardless, they will work well for me in getting things up out of the way off my quilting table.  I may get another small shelf to go under the little one where my quilting rulers are and just find a new spot for my rulers to go.  (Sorry for the crappy cell phone picture but I didn’t feel like whipping out my good camera at 10PM).  I need to get a little fold up foot stool to keep in my quilting room.  (Note to self:  find a little one at BBB next time you go.)  Being 5’1 makes it difficult to utilize vertical height in any space.

My next goals are to get some other lights to use around my desk.  My one black lamp was never put together correctly since it was missing screws so it leans and wobbles all the time.  It works really well it just looks hideous. 

I also want to organize my fabric inside my closet.  I was looking at the fancy fabric organizers you can buy but they seem too expensive for my budget.  I found this useful tutorial and I’m trying to see if I can get a good deal on the acid-free backing board on Ebay to organize my scraps and fat quarters in a better manner.  My closet has a nice shelving system set up in it, I just need to utilize it and move some stuff out to make room. 

I finished the applique on my corgi wall hanging.  Now to put the sandwich together.  I’m going to do some stitch in the ditch quilting before my Singer 201 comes home so it’ll be all ready for free motion.  While I’m waiting I can begin cutting strips for another quilt I’m working on as a gift.  I’m going to be busy through Christmas that is for sure. 

I considered moving my quilting room out into a more open area but I think I’ve decided against it.  My Singer 201 will be out there but the rest of my quilt room will remain where it is.  There are some other things I need to do to maximize the space as I get money and I’m not in a huge hurry.