Archives for August 2010

Getting Sidetracked

I was determined to be one of those quilters that always finishes a project she begins without getting sidetracked.  This has always been my problem when doing other craft projects - I … [Read more...]

A Quilted Magnolia Design

I've had a love for the magnolia bloom since I was a pre-teen girl and I always love looking at pictures of them and photographs.  The smell can be somewhat overwhelming when they use … [Read more...]

First Use of Singer 201-2 – Sort of.

Last night I sat down to just try out my Singer 201 for a bit and see how to thread the bobbin, thread the upper part and the needle and just try out the different stitch lengths. It … [Read more...]

New Singer 201-2

I just went and picked up a Singer 201-2 that I found off of Craigslist.  It came with a cabinet and fits rather nicely inside it.  I still don't know how to disconnect the presser … [Read more...]

Adventures in Quilting

I did some projects last week for a fundraiser.  I did a few simple quilted dog crate mats.  One of them I did some free motion quilting and I hit a constant problem with my bobbin … [Read more...]