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Saturday the only quilty thing I did was drop off my Singer 201 at the sewing machine shop to get worked on.  It isn’t cheap but at least I know it’ll work perfectly once I bring it home on Saturday.  I was pretty busy this weekend.  Saturday I worked at my second job for a bit and did some things with the hubby since that was our only day off together.  Sunday I got up super early since I couldn’t sleep and did a little mini-photoshoot with my dogs for the new dog training website.  Then I made my dogs food for the next two weeks (she’s on a special diet due to struvite crystal formation). ...
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Getting Sidetracked

I was determined to be one of those quilters that always finishes a project she begins without getting sidetracked.  This has always been my problem when doing other craft projects – I get half finished, lose interest and put it away.  I wanted my quilting to be different. I’ve already broken my own rule but I don’t really mind.  I’ve done it with good intentions.  A friend of mine is getting married in October and I wanted to applique some corgis onto her quilt somewhere.  I need to practice this on a smaller scale before I do it on a quilt top.  So I’m making myself a corgi wall hanging to practice the applique. My templates...
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A Quilted Magnolia Design

I’ve had a love for the magnolia bloom since I was a pre-teen girl and I always love looking at pictures of them and photographs.  The smell can be somewhat overwhelming when they use them in perfumes but I like smelling fresh blooms off the trees whenever they start coming into season. Earlier this spring I pulled up an ugly palm tree in my front yard and put in a Little Gem Magnolia tree in its place.  I love it so much.  It is quite small (barely 4 feet tall) but I can only imagine what it will look like in my front yard 4-5 years from now.  We have several magnolias around the neighborhood, some...
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First Use of Singer 201-2 – Sort of.

Last night I sat down to just try out my Singer 201 for a bit and see how to thread the bobbin, thread the upper part and the needle and just try out the different stitch lengths.  It was completely frustrating. I’d get everything threaded and start sewing then the thread would break at the needle.  I changed my tension and it kept happening.  I checked the bobbin and it kept happening.  I changed thread and it kept happening.  I changed fabric and it kept happening.  At that point I kind of gave up.  I told my husband about it and he agreed with me that it probably just needs a good servicing before being used. ...
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New Singer 201-2

I just went and picked up a Singer 201-2 that I found off of Craigslist.  It came with a cabinet and fits rather nicely inside it.  I still don’t know how to disconnect the presser foot so I can remove the whole machine.  I may just figure out how to oil and grease it myself so I don’t have to take it in for a full servicing.  It does need a new power cord and light bulb. Sometime later this week when I have better light I’ll give it a good going over.  It came with lots of bobbins, needles, several feet, the original manual, and some lubricating oil. I’ll also take some better pictures of...
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Adventures in Quilting

I did some projects last week for a fundraiser.  I did a few simple quilted dog crate mats.  One of them I did some free motion quilting and I hit a constant problem with my bobbin thread tangling when changing positions.  I could never get the thread tension right no matter how much I fiddled with it.  Part of it is the speed at which I’m doing my free motion while moving the fabric, I know that takes time to build skill at doing but it is so frustrating having the top of the quilt look pretty good and then flipping it over and seeing a huge tangled mess.  I was constantly having to check to...
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