Pinwheel quilt top

Pinwheel quilt top
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Testing some placement ideas for blocks. No buttons have been chosen yet. I think I’ll do that after the top is completed. There will also be a border at some point, I haven’t chosen what that will be either. It will have to either be a really colorful fabric to tie everything together or a really neutral fabric to make everything pop. I’ve considered doing my binding out of scraps but I am worried about the number of seams that would create in the binding.

Anyway – I think it is going to be a cute quilt.

My Singer 201 was used a little bit today, for practice only. All of my feet for my Janome fit the Singer just fine. I’m having a hard time getting the free motion speed down without tangling my bobbin thread. I’ve had to play with the thread tension a few times. It is really frustrating.

I did learn how to wind a bobbin on the Singer though. Works really well. Also learned how to drop the feed dogs. Simpler than I thought it would be.


  1. Put some of the lighter pinwheels in between some of the brighter and more colorful ones so they will stand out a little better.

  2. The light in the room made the picture turn out weird. Trust me I took like 15 minutes switching blocks around until I got the right placement so that colors weren't right beside each other and patterns were distributed equally.

  3. Put some of the lighter pinwheels in between some of the brighter and more colorful ones; they will be balanced as far as light ones againt bright colored ones. Otherwise it will look unbalanced.

  4. Well I did end up rearranging the blocks and I'm much happier with the lighter color block placement now. The columns were sewn together last night and now I'll sew all those together to create the middle of the quilt top. I need to figure out what border I'm going to put on it.

  5. I love the pinwheel quilt! It looks so cheerful.