Two Left Feet

The darning foot I ordered from Sew Vac just was not working for me.  The plastic housing that went around the foot shank just kept moving and wouldn’t ever stay still.  It was constantly giving me problems.  I’m surprised I was ever able to do any free motion work with that foot looking back.

I ordered a nice, all metal darning foot from eBay

Last night I used it for the first time on a wall hanging and noticed an immediate night and day difference.  My bobbin thread never tangled.  The foot moved smoothly and I never had a single problem.  It is nice to know that if I need to do some small scale free motion quilting I can do it on my Janome still.  My Singer 201 will be used for some free motion, especially for large quilts since they’ll fit easier under the harp area. 

My first corgi wall hanging will be finished sometime this weekend.  I think it will look really nice actually. 

Last night I also took some more time and cleaned out my craft closet.  I’m going to have a garage sale in the fall and get rid of a bunch of stuff that I’ve just lost interest in.  I’m still unsure about how else to make room in my craft room.  I may move my bookcases out of there into a main room.