Saturday the only quilty thing I did was drop off my Singer 201 at the sewing machine shop to get worked on.  It isn’t cheap but at least I know it’ll work perfectly once I bring it home on Saturday. 

I was pretty busy this weekend.  Saturday I worked at my second job for a bit and did some things with the hubby since that was our only day off together.  Sunday I got up super early since I couldn’t sleep and did a little mini-photoshoot with my dogs for the new dog training website.  Then I made my dogs food for the next two weeks (she’s on a special diet due to struvite crystal formation).  After that I started dinner in the crockpot (chicken and dumplings).

Then I was able to work some more on my corgi wall hanging that I started.  I got all the panels pieced together, the sashing put on and the borders.  After I did all that I realized I forgot to applique the corgis in the middle.  So that is my project this week if I don’t get sucked in to something else.  Once the applique is done I’ll pin the quilt sandwich together and hold on to it until my Singer 201 gets home for me to try out some free motion.  I think it will look nice.  I’m debating whether to do free motion with white thread or put some color on it. 

My next projects are as follows:

  • Wedding gift quilt
  • Christmas gifts for family (two or three lap quilts and probably one wall-hanging)
  • Finish my pinwheel quilt somewhere in there
  • Design and piece my magnolia applique quilt

There is a high likelyhood of a new puppy coming home in October so I’m going to be busy this Fall.