Yearning for the Weekend

On Sunday I finished sewing together the columns of the pinwheel quilt and I’m now a the part where I need to cut the fabric for the border.  I have some solid colors and I think I’m going to make a scrappy border around it since the whole quilt has lots of different colors anyway.  It is the biggest quilt I’ve done and I’m glad that I have my Singer to do the free motion on because I can already tell it would have been a nightmare on my little Janome.

I think I’m going to re-arrange my sewing room so my sewing machines are in the center and the ironing station is against one wall.  I might move out the second bookcase so I have more room.  Wouldn’t surprise me if by the end of the year the only things left in my craft room are sewing related things.

I found a new quilting blog of a local quilter/violinist!  Check her out – The Quilting Violinist.  I warn you now, her photos in her blog will make you hungry.

Upcoming projects – I want to quilt the inside panels of my corgi wallhanging and sew a sleeve in it so I can hang it up.  I want to do several more smaller versions of it for an Etsy shop that I want to open to help fund my quilting hobby.  I have a wedding gift that I’ll eventually start working on once I figure out what I’m going to do.  And of course, Christmas gifts.  My mom has changed her request from a lap quilt to a Christmas tree skirt so I’ve had some fun looking at patterns.

Star Pattern
Log Cabin Version
Carla’s Round Tree Skirt
Amy Butler Tree Skirt W/ Buttons

Update:  I ordered a 10 degree wedge (like these) to make a nice scrappy tree skirt.  I think it’ll look awesome and should be easy to cut and sew together.  I also got the book to get some pattern ideas.

Back to the old grind.  Two more days of work and then some free time.