Yesterday I ordered some fleece panels from Fabric.com for a Christmas gift that I’ll be working on and ended up splurging on a few Michael Miller fabric panels for myself. I will make a confession – I’m kind of obsessed with fairies. I don’t know why. Tinker Bell is my favorite Disney character. I love anything to do with fairies. Maybe that is why I am also obsessed with the corgi since the story goes that they were fairy steeds? {Read More}

Quiltcast Block Swap 2010

I swap with Swap-bot! Join the swap by signing up for Swap Bot and going to our swap page. Password is required for this swap since we wanna keep it to Big Tent/Quiltcast members. Swap Link: http://www.swap-bot.com/swap/show/73949The swap password is: quiltcast2010 Last Day to Sign Up: October 31, 2010 Deadline that all blocks must be sent: January 8, 2011 You will be making four blocks of the selected pattern to send to your swap partner. Difficulty level: Beginner This is {Read More}

Pinwheel quilt ready for binding


I think it is going to look fantastic.

Quilty Weekend

Saturday started with taking my corgi to a local dog boutique where we won a Facebook contest. I picked up a few things for my puppy that will be coming home in a few weeks, got our picture taken and headed home. Later that afternoon I dug out my template book and realized I didn’t have any marking chalk for the templates. So I convinced the hubby to venture with me to JoAnn’s where I had a coupon to get {Read More}

Corner border pattern


I like the paisley style of the pattern. I should have chosen a darker thread but it’s ok, it’s subtle.

Future Sewing Machine Cover?

This pieced section came with the box of scraps I won off of eBay. I have a variety of options I could use it for but I think I'm gonna add a border, quilt it and add ties on the sides for a sewing machine cover for my Singer 201. The pattern looks nice. I don't want it to just sit in my closet.

50 square in a square blocks later

Trimming them took a while. They look good though.

Divine New Ruler

I love my Square in a Square ruler!  Last night I spent most of my time ironing all the little scrap blocks I’d sewn two strips onto.  After that I started sewing strips to the other side.  Before I called it a night I decided to sew the final strip onto it and iron it so I could cut it.  My new ruler worked like a charm and made trimming the block super easy.   I snapped a quick picture with {Read More}

Charity Quilting

Listening to an episode of the Off Kilter Quilt I heard about the Downey Quilts for Kids program. Kit comes with pattern and fabric If you request a kit from them they will send you the fabric for the quilt top and the backing free of charge. You supply the batting and if you wish to bind it using traditional binding methods, the binding as well. Then you send it back! They expect each kit to be sent back within {Read More}

Getting Rid of Scraps

Earlier this week I took a break from quilting my pinwheel quilt to try and work on my bobbin thread tension. That nearly ended in disaster. The teeny, tiny screw that is in the bobbin case of my Singer 201-2 to moderate tension popped out as I was playing with the tension. I thought I lost it somewhere in my room. This thing is smaller than a grain of rice. I panicked. Thankfully, after searching for a while, I looked {Read More}