A Basting Fool

My goal yesterday was to get my quilt pin basted and I took my sweet time doing it.   Part of the issue was that I had to vacuum my floors prior to taping down the layers since I have corgis and they love to bless me with all of their hair year round.  I didn’t want all of the corgi tumbleweeds getting into the quilt so I vaccumed and swept all of it up that I could.  I do this weekly and it still isn’t enough.

I was going to do it in my front room and decided better of it since there was a marathon on TBS of The Office (one of my favorite shows) so I did it in front of my TV.  I’m glad this quilt is only 65 x 65.  I can’t imagine doing one larger at this point.  It took me a few hours to get everything smoothed out, taped and pinned.  The corgis thought it was fun to walk on it and drive me crazy.  They got the idea that they needed to walk around the huge thing in the middle of the floor.  I know Bernie wanted to lay on it since she got frustrated with me and laid beside it with a great sigh while I was pinning down sections.

The border is this pretty Debbie Mumm fabric I snagged for $2 a yard over the weekend at the Joannes sale.  I’m going to do the binding in a purple paisley print that I have for contrast.

After rolling the quilt up I realized there was no way I’d be able to quilt it with my sewing room set up like it currently is with my sewing tables against the wall.  I rearranged my room again, moved both sewing tables to the center of the room, back to back, and moved out my other bookshelf. 

I sat down at my Singer 201 “Betty” to set up my walking foot.  I’ve figured out why all the birdnests were occurring!  My cone of thread was causing the problem by letting too much thread out at each pull.  So I placed the cone onto the thread holder at the top of my Singer and ran the thread through the cone holder “arm”, then threaded it into the machine.  It regulated the amount of thread much better and I got perfect stitches.  I was able to sew two rows of stitch in the ditch of my quilt before taking a break.  Wow is my quilt heavy.  I love, love, love my Singer sewing machine though!  So glad I got it.

While I was at Jo Annes I saw an advertisement for a contest they are having.  I’m going to make a quilt and enter it.  Might be fun!

The Cranky Quilter has a good FAQ on entering the contest.