Charity Quilting

Listening to an episode of the Off Kilter Quilt I heard about the Downey Quilts for Kids program.

Kit comes with pattern and fabric

If you request a kit from them they will send you the fabric for the quilt top and the backing free of charge. You supply the batting and if you wish to bind it using traditional binding methods, the binding as well. Then you send it back! They expect each kit to be sent back within 4-6 weeks of receiving it so don’t order one and let it sit on your shelf if you don’t have time right now.

I’m going to do one after I get my Christmas gifts squared away. The short documentary film (7 minutes long) is very touching and it explains the program.

I don’t have a local chapter and I’m not yet affiliated with a local quilt guild to get a group involved so I think I’ll be doing it solo. 🙂 It is a fun way to practice quilting skills while doing good for the community.


  1. What a great idea! I just wish they gave more time to complete the project. I'll check it though, my mom is always looking for a charity project.

  2. The quilts aren't that big and if you do strip piecing it shouldn't take long to get the quilt top sewn together with something like a 4 patch design. Since they want each quilt given heavy quilting so they will hold up for daily washings that would take the longest IMO.

    I wish I had a group to do this with, I think that would be a fun Friday night project.

    Let me know if you do one! I wanna hear about it.