Divine New Ruler

I love my Square in a Square ruler!  Last night I spent most of my time ironing all the little scrap blocks I’d sewn two strips onto.  After that I started sewing strips to the other side.  Before I called it a night I decided to sew the final strip onto it and iron it so I could cut it.  My new ruler worked like a charm and made trimming the block super easy.   I snapped a quick picture with my cell phone before heading to bed.

I must have at least 40+ blocks if not more.  I have lots more scraps to use up too.  Once I get this initial batch done I’ll stick them into a box so I can always add to them as I get more and more scraps.  Maybe one day I’ll have a huge King size scrap quilt.  I don’t know why I love scrap quilts so much but I do.

Right now all my scraps are separated into little brown paper lunch bags.  I have a drawer system I’m going to steal from my bathroom and move into my quilting room when I remember to do it at home one night. 

After trimming the block I held it up and told my husband, “See!  And now I have NEW scraps to use up!”  He looked at me like I was nuts. 

Once I’ve enjoyed my break doing scrap blocks I’m going to put the pinwheel quilt back on the machine and get back to quilting it.  Oh – I bought one of those books with all the free motion quilting patterns in it “Follow The Line Quilting Designs”.  I neglected to pick up some chalk though or tracing paper.  I’m wondering if I can just trace the designs onto freezer paper, sew through the paper onto the fabric and tear it away.  Cuz quilting paper ain’t cheap.  The designs are adorable though!  Can’t wait to use one of them for my pinwheel quilt border.  I got the first volume just to start out.  I think it will come in handy. 

Haven’t done much quilting since last week because I just was not feeling well.  Tuesday I was feeling so awful I came home from work and climbed right into bed I was so nauseous and light headed.  Yesterday I felt 100% better so I was able to go out and do some things before coming home to do some sewing.