Getting Rid of Scraps

Earlier this week I took a break from quilting my pinwheel quilt to try and work on my bobbin thread tension. That nearly ended in disaster. The teeny, tiny screw that is in the bobbin case of my Singer 201-2 to moderate tension popped out as I was playing with the tension. I thought I lost it somewhere in my room. This thing is smaller than a grain of rice. I panicked. Thankfully, after searching for a while, I looked down into the bobbin case and saw it dropped behind it. I fished it out with some pliers and put it back where it belonged.

At that point I decided I needed a break from free motion quilting so I fixed the tension so I could do some regular straight stitching for a while. I’m running out of quilting thread so I figured I’d do some piecing in the meantime while I wait to go to the store to pick up a few more. I managed to work on my top thread tension so the bottom looked perfect. It seems a majority of my issues are still coming from that. If the cone of thread spins too fast it lets out too much thread at one time and it makes the bottom of my quilt look awful. I’m thinking a new thread holder is becoming more and more necessary.

Meanwhile, I’ve been digging through my scrap bags. I separated them by color a few weeks ago. I then cut up the larger white or cream colored pieces in to 4.5 inch squares. Since I ordered the Jodi Barrows Square in a Square ruler, I’ve been itching to try it out. This was my perfect opportunity. After digging through the bags I pulled out pieces that were big enough to be cut to 2.5″ wide and over 5 inches long. My Binding Buddy ruler came in handy for that part. Each square will have a different scrap piece on each side and then be cut into Square in a Square blocks. Smaller scraps will be saved to be used for a crumb quilt later. I have a bag being slowly filled up for strings for a string quilt too.

I’m not sure how many squares I ended up with but it is a good start. I got strips sewn on two sides of each block. Now I just need to press and sew on the next two strips. Then I can cut them with my new ruler and save the new scraps!

I’m considering switching from cotton thread to polyester. I know that cotton thread is the gold standard for a lot of quilters but I’m finding the lint that comes off that thread is really annoying. Maybe I just need a different brand.

Anyway – after doing all this I realized I have a ton of scrap fabric to make a nice scrap quilt or three. Another realization I had was that cutting up small scraps isn’t as nerve wracking as larger pieces are to me. Maybe because I have more control over the fabric and I’m not as worried about the ruler slipping.

I might piece together a new corgi wall hanging this weekend if I feel up to it and have time. I’ve been wanting to try out a new design.