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Getting Rid of Scraps

Earlier this week I took a break from quilting my pinwheel quilt to try and work on my bobbin thread tension. That nearly ended in disaster. The teeny, tiny screw that is in the bobbin case of my Singer 201-2 to moderate tension popped out as I was playing with the tension. I thought I lost it somewhere in my room. This thing is smaller than a grain of rice. I panicked. Thankfully, after searching for a while, I looked down into the bobbin case and saw it dropped behind it. I fished it out with some pliers and put it back where it belonged. At that point I decided I needed a break from free...
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Book Review – Patchwork Comforters, Throws & Quilts

I ordered Patchwork Comforters, Throws & Quilts a few weeks ago after spotting it in Barnes and Noble.  I love flipping through books to see the patterns I might actually use and this one had a lot.  Most of the patterns are simple enough that a beginner can handle them without feeling overwhelmed but there were several projects for intermediate/advanced quilters too. I love the colors of the fabrics that were photographed for each pattern.  I’ve already marked three that I want to make.  One of the patterns I’m going to make and enter into the Jo Anne’s contest.  The pattern is simple but looks random and you use 16 different fat quarters in it.  It’s the...
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The Alzheimer’s Art Quilt Initiative

World Series Quilt Challenge is going on!  If you haven’t heard of the AAQI (The Alzheimer’s Art Quilt Initiative), it’s ok.  I’d only heard whispers of it here and there but it seems to be a thing that most quilters know about and have contributed to.  For regular quilters the submitted quilt must be 9 x 12″ or smaller. For the World Series each person submitted a quilt that was 16″ x 16″.  It is amazing the amount of detail they were able to get.  Take a look at the slideshow.  (That first quilt is so intricate!  And I love Ricky Tims quilt) I think I’m going to sketch out some sort of design and do...
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Pinwheel Block – Quilted

After drawing out several designs on the block this was the only one I felt sort of good about so I decided to go for it.  I’m keeping the quilt for myself so if I mess up I’m the one that has to live with it.  :) I do like the design so far though. (Excuse the bad lighting, this was taken in my sewing room at night) I’ve done a few others.  The quilting seems to be going okay.  I’ve done all of it on my Singer 201-2.  After figuring out the top thread tension issue it goes pretty smoothly.  I need a new cone thread holder though, the one I have is seriously lacking...
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My husband doesn’t understand my craft obsession.  In his mind, it is a lot of work for very little reward.  My past crafts were definitely that – cross stitch was lots and lots of time invested sewing these teeny tiny stitches and then you have a small sampler that you might get around to framing and displaying one day.  I think in my lifetime I finished one cross stitch project and I know I’ve started at least five or six others to only abandon them. I’m one of those crafters that doesn’t finish projects.  I’ve got two latch hook rugs in my closet unfinished, one from when I was an adolescent.  I’ve got two or three...
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Vintage Sewing Reference Links

I truely enjoy sewing on my vintage sewing machine.  Now that it is all tuned up and I know how to regulate my top thread feed, it works like a dream.  I don’t have any snags, tears or broken thread.  I don’t have any knots.  It just sews and sews and sews.  I hope it is this easy when I get to doing the free motion portion of my quilting on this quilt. I still don’t know what I’m going to call my pinwheel quilt.  It seems most quilters name their quilts something catchy.  Since it’s my first big quilt I wasn’t sure if I should even bother.  But I want to sign and label the...
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A Basting Fool

My goal yesterday was to get my quilt pin basted and I took my sweet time doing it.   Part of the issue was that I had to vacuum my floors prior to taping down the layers since I have corgis and they love to bless me with all of their hair year round.  I didn’t want all of the corgi tumbleweeds getting into the quilt so I vaccumed and swept all of it up that I could.  I do this weekly and it still isn’t enough. I was going to do it in my front room and decided better of it since there was a marathon on TBS of The Office (one of my favorite shows)...
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Wedding Guest Quilt

As a gift for a friend of mine that is getting married in little over a month, I wanted to make a quilt for her.  I already had a pattern in mind when I stumbled upon the Wedding Guest Quilt idea and thought wow, that would be so much more awesome and personal for her.  After some deliberating, we’ve decided to go for it! Now to cut fabric and get everything packaged up to her before the wedding.  I think I’m going to do a Square in a Square block pattern for the quilt itself.  I love the pattern variations you can make and it is a good way to use up scraps if you have...
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Wish Lists & Scraps

If I had a ton of money I’m sure I’d buy some of the things on my Amazon Quilty Things Wish List.  Alas, I don’t – but its fun to window shop! Last night I took some time to organize my fabric scraps.  There were a ton of scraps in that box I purchased off of eBay – all shapes, sizes, and colors.  I can’t wait to start piecing together scraps and making a scrap quilt.  If I go to another crafters night over at Scrap and Sew that is probably all I’ll work on.  The Quilting Violinist made this gorgeous pillow out of selvages! I stumbled across a blog that is all about using selvages...
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