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Book Review – Patchwork Comforters, Throws & Quilts

I ordered Patchwork Comforters, Throws & Quilts a few weeks ago after spotting it in Barnes and Noble.  I love flipping through books to see the patterns I might actually use and … [Read more...]

The Alzheimer’s Art Quilt Initiative

World Series Quilt Challenge is going on!  If you haven't heard of the AAQI (The Alzheimer's Art Quilt Initiative), it's ok.  I'd only heard whispers of it here and there but it … [Read more...]

Pinwheel Block – Quilted

After drawing out several designs on the block this was the only one I felt sort of good about so I decided to go for it.  I'm keeping the quilt for myself so if I mess up I'm the one … [Read more...]


My husband doesn't understand my craft obsession.  In his mind, it is a lot of work for very little reward.  My past crafts were definitely that - cross stitch was lots and lots of … [Read more...]

Vintage Sewing Reference Links

I truely enjoy sewing on my vintage sewing machine.  Now that it is all tuned up and I know how to regulate my top thread feed, it works like a dream.  I don't have any snags, … [Read more...]

A Basting Fool

My goal yesterday was to get my quilt pin basted and I took my sweet time doing it.   Part of the issue was that I had to vacuum my floors prior to taping down the layers since I … [Read more...]

Wedding Guest Quilt

As a gift for a friend of mine that is getting married in little over a month, I wanted to make a quilt for her.  I already had a pattern in mind when I stumbled upon the Wedding Guest … [Read more...]

Wish Lists & Scraps

If I had a ton of money I'm sure I'd buy some of the things on my Amazon Quilty Things Wish List.  Alas, I don't - but its fun to window shop!Last night I took some time to organize my … [Read more...]