Quilty Weekend

Saturday started with taking my corgi to a local dog boutique where we won a Facebook contest. I picked up a few things for my puppy that will be coming home in a few weeks, got our picture taken and headed home.

Later that afternoon I dug out my template book and realized I didn’t have any marking chalk for the templates. So I convinced the hubby to venture with me to JoAnn’s where I had a coupon to get it. I mentioned that I wanted to pick up a couple more spools of thread while they had the 50% off sale going on, then he suggested that I get some of the other colors too so I ended up leaving with like 10 spools of Sulky thread.

I tried out the technique of tracing my quilting pattern onto freezer paper, quilting it and then tearing it off. Freezer paper does not tear cleanly. It worked better when I punched the pattern through the holes using an unthreaded needle on my machine, quilting through that and then pulling it off. I ironed down the sides just to make sure it didn’t move. I managed to do my entire border over the weekend this way. I think it looks ok. The quilting is subtle and it blends in with the floral fabric of my border. Once I get all the freezer paper torn off I’ll trim the edges and fold it all up until I get all the binding sewn together.

I need to just break down and get some of the Quilting Paper from Golden Threads and a pounce.

I’m going to need about 300″ of binding. Yeah I’m not excited about sewing all that binding up. I think by the end of it I’ll be a freaking pro doing bias binding.

I’m hoping I can sew the buttons onto my quilt using my Janome. I’ll probably have to use a denim needle to get through all the fabric and stuff but maybe it’ll work.

I said back in August I’d get started on Christmas gifts and I still haven’t started any of them. I pulled out fabric to cut for one of them, started cutting and then realized I read the pattern wrong so I didn’t have enough of the fabric I wanted to use. I’ll have to use some other ones. At that point I gave up and put it away.

As a final note – I want to thank Quilt Cabana and Quilted Cupcake for holding their recent contests! I don’t know how I managed to win two different quilting related contests in one week but I did. On top of that I won a Facebook photo contest with a picture of one of my dogs.


  1. Winning two quilty contests in one week…now that's good karma!!! Yay for you! Congrats on the FB contest as well!