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Mug Rug Swap

With the puppy in the house I don’t know how much time I’ll have to sit and do big projects. So I’m focusing on small stuff right now, in between Christmas gifts, so I can still work on things without feeling overwhelmed with a huge quilt. I joined a mug rug swap! What is a mug rug?  It is a little coffee mug size quilt that people can rest their mugs on while enjoying their favorite hot beverage and a little snack.  There are all sorts of sizes, designs, themes and fabrics used to make them.  Just take a look at the possibilities on Flickr! Each person lists their likes and dislikes and their swap partner...
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Pinwheel Pandemonium is Done

I finally finished my first big quilt.  Stitched the last part of the binding last night.  Still need to run it through the wash once but I think it looks good.
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What to do when you have an ear infection…

All last week I’ve been battling this awful head cold and Monday I’d gotten fed up with it and left work to go see the pros.  Lo and behold, I’ve got an ear and sinus infection too.  The cough syrup knocks me out pretty good.  Yesterday I wasn’t feeling fantastic, especially after sleeping most of the night on the couch because my coughing was keeping everyone else awake – so I slept in after the hubby left for work and then toddled around the house.  I decided since I felt so bad I might as well finish up a project that had some easy stuff to do. Cutting and sewing binding strips together is probably my...
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First Buttonhole

This will eventually turn into a Christmas tree ornament. Created a buttonhole to thread a piece of ribbon through. Not nearly as hard as I thought it would be. I think it turned out good.
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Cardigan Wallhanging Finished

Finished this little project.  Tried some raw edge appliqué for the first time and I think it turned out ok.  It’s a bit more artsy than what I’m used to seeing but it is nice to try something different once in a while.  All in all, it is a cute little wall hanging.  For the back I used some hanging triangles so you can stick a dowel in the top and bottom to hang it.  The bottom dowel keeps the edges from curling up and adds a bit of weight.  Pretty easy to do and it works out much better than a hanging sleeve or loops. The binding went MUCH smoother this time.  I think I need to...
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On The Design Wall

The polka dots don’t look so bad closer up. I think once ive quilted it they will be more toned town. Had this material and wanted to use it up. Already have sewn two columns together.
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Guild Member

Before getting into quilting earlier this year, my immediate association when anyone talked about being in a guild was World of Warcraft.  I will admit – I’m a gamer and a nerd.  I do have several characters in World of Warcraft and will play on occasion.  (My gametime has been limited lately mostly due to boredom and mostly because the expansion comes out on 12-7).  Anyway – once you get into quilting you soon learn that other quilters form groups known as Guilds and have meetings to share their addiction with eachother.  Sort of the reverse of AA I would imagine.  I had a hard time locating a local guild that wasn’t way down in South...
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Paper Piecing

I’ve always loved the way quilts using the Grandmother’s Flower Garden pattern looked but after seeing how complicated paper piecing could be I thought I’d put it off for a while.  I got my new Clover mini-iron and wanted to start doing a few pieces so I could have a hand sewing project for nights when I didn’t want to be confined to my studio.  These I can hand sew and begin piecing together in front of the TV after the paper pieces are all ironed onto the backs and the sides ironed down.  It really is relaxing to do when it is all said and done.  Also a good way to make use of scraps....
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Quilted Princesses

All in all, the quilt turned out well. I had the most difficult time with the center panel – it is actually two fat quarters sewn together. The fat quarters were not cut straight at all so I had to carefully sew them together and then square it best I could to get the print to line up. I tried some of the free motion quilting in the inside border as seen on Leah Day’s website – 365 free motion quilting videos. The hearts were harder than I thought they would be. My niece also got a Disney princess car so she will have a matching blanket for it.
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