Binding Woes

This weekend I worked on a gift for my niece and it is finished all except the binding.  I’ll take a picture once it is done and put it up after she gets it (don’t want to spoil any surprise).  You can see the backing I used though and where I signed it:

It is a nice soft flannel backing.  Can I just say, signing flannel with a Micron Pigma pen is a pain in my butt?  The quilt top is all cotton novelty prints that I put together.  I think I bought this fabric when she was born 4 years ago with the intention of making a baby quilt but I never did it.

On to my binding woes.  Since I woke up at 5:30AM on Tuesday morning and couldn’t go back to sleep, I decided to make use of my morning time and cut out binding strips.  I sewed most of them together last night and ended up having to re-sew over half of them since I didn’t pin them together correctly so the seams would all be on the same side of the fabric.  Since I woke up early yet again today I finished fixing that and now I have a nice pile of binding for the gift quilt and possibly enough for my pinwheel quilt.  We will see how much I have left when I’m done.  I did the calculations before the mishap and I would have more than enough leftover but since I had to cut out like 12″ of fabric when I redid the bias seams who knows.  Oh well.

I kept telling myself this is good practice for when I have to join the fabric together when the binding is nearly complete.  I certainly don’t have a problem figuring out which side goes where now.

Tonight I bind!