Cardigan Wallhanging Finished

Finished this little project.  Tried some raw edge appliqué for the first time and I think it turned out ok.  It’s a bit more artsy than what I’m used to seeing but it is nice to try something different once in a while.  All in all, it is a cute little wall hanging.  For the back I used some hanging triangles so you can stick a dowel in the top and bottom to hang it.  The bottom dowel keeps the edges from curling up and adds a bit of weight.  Pretty easy to do and it works out much better than a hanging sleeve or loops.

The binding went MUCH smoother this time.  I think I need to start using 2 1/4 binding or 2″ binding because 2.5 is just too big.  I might use 2.5 on my pinwheel quilt but I think the binding is just too wide for other small projects.  Hand sewing the binding to the back of this project went really quick, I was able to get it done in one sitting while watching a movie.