Guild Member

Before getting into quilting earlier this year, my immediate association when anyone talked about being in a guild was World of Warcraft.  I will admit – I’m a gamer and a nerd.  I do have several characters in World of Warcraft and will play on occasion.  (My gametime has been limited lately mostly due to boredom and mostly because the expansion comes out on 12-7). 

Anyway – once you get into quilting you soon learn that other quilters form groups known as Guilds and have meetings to share their addiction with eachother.  Sort of the reverse of AA I would imagine.  I had a hard time locating a local guild that wasn’t way down in South Tampa (where I only dare to venture when absolutely necessary) but I found one finally.    I’m sending in my dues today and the first Guild meeting is next month.  I’ll have to leave straight from work and join them but it should be fun.  I will have my pinwheel quilt done by then so maybe I can bring it and show off my first big quilt ever. 

I am SO excited to join a guild.  I see it as this wealth of information you can tap.  It doesn’t hurt that quilt guild members get a 10% discount for your entire purchase at Jo Ann’s for eternity.

I also have a quilting bee scheduled for October 24th.  I’m hoping it doesn’t interfere with my parents being in town.  I’m just going to go have some fun and look at the quilt shop that is closest to my office.  This might become dangerous since it is close enough to make lunch trips to the shop. 

Last night I worked a bit more on my hexagons while we watched TV together.  We are really into Fringe so it was a relaxing night. 

Quilt show next month at the USF Botanical Gardens (put on by my soon to be quilt guild).  I’m going to that with my camera in hand.


  1. Yay! Another quilter/gamer! You'd be the second one I found. 🙂 I have two 80s. One is a raiding healer. We're battling the Lich King right now. In the remainder of my spare time I've been working on Oh Fransson's Subway quilt.
    Nice to meet you. /wave

  2. Hi Ann! Do you have a blog link so I can follow a fellow quilter/gamer? 🙂