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Pinwheel Pandemonium is Done

I finally finished my first big quilt.  Stitched the last part of the binding last night.  Still need to run it through the wash once but I think it looks good.

Pinwheel Pandemonium Quilt

Pinwheel Pandemonium Quilt

Pinwheel Pandemonium Quilt

Pinwheel Pandemonium Quilt

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  1. Oh that is soooo pretty! Great job!

  2. Thanks! I've finally gotten the knack of joining the binding at the end. The whole quilt was quite a learning experience.

  3. Fantastic job Katie. The quilting looks amazing!

  4. Beautiful quilt! It looks just lovely!

  5. Is there a tutorial link for this? Are the pinwheels apliqued after the white fabric is quilted? It's just beautiful!

  6. This is a pattern from Quick and Colorful Applique. The pinwheel blades are applied to the blocks before they are pieced and quilted.


    Great book – you can get it at a huge discount now since it is out of print. One place has it for $2.20 – I recommend it.

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