What to do when you have an ear infection…

All last week I’ve been battling this awful head cold and Monday I’d gotten fed up with it and left work to go see the pros.  Lo and behold, I’ve got an ear and sinus infection too.  The cough syrup knocks me out pretty good.  Yesterday I wasn’t feeling fantastic, especially after sleeping most of the night on the couch because my coughing was keeping everyone else awake – so I slept in after the hubby left for work and then toddled around the house.  I decided since I felt so bad I might as well finish up a project that had some easy stuff to do.

Cutting and sewing binding strips together is probably my least favorite thing in the quilting process but I got a bunch done yesterday.

Binding strips before
Binding strips after
Once I get this on my pinwheel quilt all I have to do is sew it to the back and it’ll be finished.  I put on the buttons already (what an adventure that was, one broken needle and one bent needle later) so I’m closer to being finished.
My parents are coming into town today for my husbands grandfathers funeral so I’ve gotta go get the house ready.


  1. Hope you feel better soon Katie!