E-Book Cover – 1st Attempt

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Closed – w/ Pocket I played around with some designs for a quilted e-book cover and came up with this.  My new Nook Color that I’m getting for Christmas is hidden in the house somewhere so I cut out a cardboard template based on dimensions of the product that I found online and fashioned this cover for it.  It was something quick I whipped up, definitely not perfect but a fun learning experience while putting everything together. Things I will {Read More}

Singer 201-2 Update


Free Motion Fun on “Betty” I realized I haven’t really posted an update on using my Singer 201-2 in a while. I’ve named her “Betty” and she’s become my main sewing machine.  I hardly ever use my Janome 415 anymore unless I’m doing an appliqué stitch on something.  Piecing, quilting and binding are a cinch on my Singer. I do oil her regularly and I don’t often have to clean out lint since the thread I usually use doesn’t have {Read More}

Black Friday Steals


I don’t normally go anywhere on Black Friday.  I’d much prefer to sit around my house in my PJ’s eating leftovers and watching all the movies that come on over the weekend.  However – this year I got an e-mail from my LQS that they were selling fat quarters for $1.25 each and if you bought 10 you got 5 more for $1 each. Needless to say, I was there at 9:55AM waiting for the door to be opened.  I {Read More}

Free Pattern Friday


Going to try to start a new thing here on the blog, links to free patterns that I like!  Who doesn’t like free patterns? First up – a pattern by Beth Gracie.  I don’t think it has a name though.  Each square is made up of 3 pieces and then four squares are sewn into a block to create the effect.  Possibilities are endless with different colors and color values. Here is the link to her pattern.  Enjoy!

Scrappy Mug Rug Received!


Here are pictures of the mug rug I got from my partner in the swap – I love it!

WIP Wednesday Roundup


Work in Progress Wednesday! My sewing room is a mess since these are all the things I’ve got going on right now: It’s a Jungle Out There Binding Jungle corgi Wallhanging Washing, labeling and photographing it for Etsy Labeling and photographing Pastel Corgi Wallhangings Labeling Pinwheel Pandemonium quilt Doing applique stitching around butterflies for butterfly quilt Piecing together rest of butterfly applique quilt top Pin basting flannel lap quilts together Quilting Binding Labeling and wrapping in Christmas Paper Sewing daisy {Read More}

Kimberly Einmo Class

I got my supplies list for my Kimberly Einmo class that I’m taking in January.  Decisions, decisions. As far as fabric goes, I’ve got to bring 1 jelly roll, 1.5 yards of light colored background fabric, 1.5 yards of fabric for an outer border.  That isn’t including the backing or batting. I’m going to have THE hardest time deciding on a jelly roll for this mystery quilt for the class.  Browsing on Fat Quarter Shop is making my decision even {Read More}

Gotta Love Estate Sales


A house across the street was having an estate sale.  We dropped in on it before heading to the grocery store at lunch.  Most of it had been picked over already but I did manage to find a sewing room.  There were a few items left that I wanted.  I was going to get a white storage case but decided against it as it wasn’t in great condition.  Here is what I did snag: Two thread organizers, a blocker and {Read More}

Labeling – After the Fact


I listened to a recent podcast episode of Quilting for the Rest of Us and realized how I’ve completely avoided labeling my quilts. I’m regretting it now. It isn’t for lack of thinking about it or asking how to do it, I just skipped that step altogether because it was something I just simply didn’t know how to do and didn’t want to think about doing. The episode converted me and made me realize that it is an important step {Read More}

Mug Rug Swap for the New Year!


Mug Rug by Patchwork Pottery Get inspired and inspire one other crafter in the process!  I’m hosting a mug rug swap.  The purpose of this swap is to create something to inspire two other people at the beginning of 2011.  Each person will be assigned one partner.  You will complete one mug rug based on things you’ve read in their profile. Each package will also include: A fat quarter from your stash  A photograph, picture or card that you find {Read More}