Cypress Creek Quilters’ Guild Quilt Show

Yesterday I woke up later than I planned to go to the quilt show.  I put Byron the puppy in the car to get some extra socialization.  I thought I’d be able to handle a puppy and a camera as I walked around the quilt show.  Didn’t know I’d be getting a program and a door prize to tote around too.

I did make two purchases.  I bought a Magnolia table runner kit with fabulous magnolia fabric (I HAD to get this) and I also purchased a quilt kit with some really pretty koi fabric.

I probably would have been able to see more of the quilts had I left the puppy at home.  I was stopped every 2-3 feet with someone asking about him and wanting to pet him.  It was honestly the best socialization I’ve ever done with a puppy in one place.  He must have been touched by 40+ people and also met two dogs, was exposed to strange things flapping in the breeze, new plants, an outdoor band, a trolley, an outdoor market and he handled it all with such calmness.

Now for the pictures!   Because it was windy some of my pictures came out blurry since the quilt moved after I focused in on it.  Keep in mind, most of these shots I had a puppy under one arm and a camera in the other shooting one-handed.  Not my best work at all but the quilts were amazing.  I didn’t even have time to look at all of them before heading to a dog event.