E-Book Cover – 1st Attempt

Closed – w/ Pocket

I played around with some designs for a quilted e-book cover and came up with this.  My new Nook Color that I’m getting for Christmas is hidden in the house somewhere so I cut out a cardboard template based on dimensions of the product that I found online and fashioned this cover for it.  It was something quick I whipped up, definitely not perfect but a fun learning experience while putting everything together.

Things I will be doing differently next time:

  • Making it wider.  It needs to be 12″ at least.  Right now it is 10″ which isn’t enough at all to cover the device fully when it is inserted.
  • Insert the button flap on the OTHER side of the binding before stitching it down.  I don’t know why I always do this.  I’ll remember to do it right one day.  Did it on a sewing machine cover on Sunday too.  Oh well.
I still think it turned out cute.  I love the fabric.  I have enough to do a second one the correct width so I will try it out later when I have more time.  Didn’t take long to put together.  I’ll probably make some to put on Etsy at some point.
Inside of the Cover
Outside of the Cover

Fresh Poppy Design


  1. Love your fabrics. Sounds like a really handy project.

  2. This is really great! Thanks so much for linking up!