First Guild Meeting

I don’t have any pictures since I left my camera on my desk as I rushed out for work yesterday morning. It’s a shame since there were some pretty quilts at show and tell yesterday.

I was a little bit frustrated when I found that the address they had on the website for the new meeting location was incorrect. I googled the actual location of the recreation center and drove to it hoping that would be it. It was. There were over 130 of us packed into one room. They had to set out more chairs. I ended up sitting on the second row near the front since that was one of the only available seats.

Most of the meeting was really formal and focused on finishing their quilt show. They talked about how much money they raised for the charity and how much they raised for the guild bank. Then they talked about a Nationally recognized teacher coming in January and showed us samples from previous classes people had taken. Being that her classes generally sell for $75 a class and through the guild you could do it for $35, I signed up for one of the spots immediately. Still no idea of the supply list but they said she would tell us as we got closer to the class date. So that will be January 8th somewhere in Land O’ Lakes. I wish I could take my Singer 201 with me to the class since I do most of my piecing with it. Maybe I can find a good deal on a Singer Featherweight before I go. If not, it’ll be the Janome going with me.

They are doing a Holiday dinner next month but I didn’t sign up for it since I wasn’t sure if I’d be able to go. There is also some sort of sew day that I don’t know if I’d be able to make.

What was exciting to hear about was a quilt retreat near Ellenton. Unfortunately it is $200. Doubt we can swing that in April after our cruise is over and who knows what is going to happen with my husbands’ job.

I participated in show and tell. I showed off my first quilt project ever, the daisy wallhanging. Then I showed off my pinwheel quilt. Both received massive positive response.

I think I’ll like the quilt guild once I can regularly go to meetings and other events they hold so I can meet people. I didn’t know anyone there except one lady that was at my quilting bee last month.

Final picture – I finished the mug rug I’m swapping through SwapBot. I think it turned out cute! (Apologies for the cell phone picture).