Gotta Love Estate Sales

A house across the street was having an estate sale.  We dropped in on it before heading to the grocery store at lunch.  Most of it had been picked over already but I did manage to find a sewing room.  There were a few items left that I wanted.  I was going to get a white storage case but decided against it as it wasn’t in great condition.  Here is what I did snag:


Two thread organizers, a blocker and four packs of Fabric Sheets. I also got a roll of what I think is light weight stabilizer but I’m not 100% positive. I got all of it for $5.

When I got home I found a receipt for the fabric sheets. They are originally priced at $16 bucks a piece. I got them for a quarter each! I can’t wait to try them out to label things. They seem to be higher quality than the June Taylor ones I bought at Jo Annes last week.

I put up the thread organizers and all my thread is on it now. So happy! The good quality thread is on the left organizer and the crappy thread is on the right. Not totally sure what I’m gonna do with my crappy thread, I will probably garage sale all of it in a bit. It just isn’t good to quilt with, it has tons of lint and isn’t strong.

All the thread I use for Appliqué
Some fun metallic embroidery thread

I wish I’d gone earlier since it looked like she might have had some patterns and stuff.  I need to take a weekend and go garage sailing.  It has been YEARS since I’ve gone to one.  I know sometimes you can find good fabric that way.


  1. Looks like you hit the jackpot! Share with us the brand names of thread…you like and also the ones you consider "crappy" AND why. I need to start experimenting with different brands and weights until I find my favorite thread for quilting. For piecing, I LOVE "Presencia" 60 wt. (usually a neutral color- light gray).

  2. The thread I prefer right now for piecing is Gutermann Natural Cotton, 40 wt. I'm thinking when I run out I'm gonna try Connecting Threads piecing thread on the cone that they sell as I've heard good things about it.

    For quilting I've been using Sulky thread on the king size cones. I love the sheen it has and my machine LOVES it. No lint!

    The crappy threads are mostly Coats and Clark from the bargain bin – they break all the time, they get lots of lint buildup and the quilting thread just isn't the greatest. The other threads are some really thick "quilting" threads also found in a bargain bin but I've been using them to thread baste English Paper Pieced hexagons and they've held up quite well.

    I'll have to look into the Presencia thread you've recommended!