Labeling – After the Fact

I listened to a recent podcast episode of Quilting for the Rest of Us and realized how I’ve completely avoided labeling my quilts. I’m regretting it now. It isn’t for lack of thinking about it or asking how to do it, I just skipped that step altogether because it was something I just simply didn’t know how to do and didn’t want to think about doing.

The episode converted me and made me realize that it is an important step in putting together a quilt, as vital as binding it. So Sunday I purchased some of those inkjet fabric labels you can print onto and will be labeling my Pinwheel Pandemonium quilt and the wallhangings I’m finishing up for Etsy. In the future I can iron it onto the binding and quilt it right into the piece so it doesn’t seem like an afterthought.

I installed the new printer/copier/scanner last night and will test it out later this week for some labeling fun.

How do you label your projects?


  1. I label with the inkjet iron on sheets. It's fast and easy and I do believe it's so important to label the quilts for future generations. I hope the labels stand the test of time though =)