Goals for 2011

Don’t Call Me Betsy is doing a great thing hosting a 2011 goal blog post linkup.  I love lists and I love goals so of course I’m going to participate.  I’m limiting myself to 12 goals for the year.

    1. More classes.   I want to take at least 3 classes in 2011 and develop some new skills, learn new patterns and piece new blocks.  I’m already signed up for one the first week of January so there is one out of the way right there.  Joining a quilt guild already has its benefits – especially if you sit up front and get a hold of the signup sheet first before it fills completely.  
    2. Reorganize quilting space including fabric storage area.  My quilting space works right now but I think it could be arranged more efficiently so I’m going to work on redoing it.  My fabric closet could definitely be reorganized so I really want to work on that.  
    3. More Etsy.  I have several items I want to begin selling and this means actually manufacturing them to post on Etsy.  I hope to begin saving up for an embroidery machine.  
    4. Fabric Diet.  I want to pick two months of next year to go on a true fabric diet.  This means no buying new fabric and hopefully no new notions.  I’d like to go for longer than two months I just don’t know if it is possible.  It isn’t like I have a gigantic stash right now, I mean it fits in a quarter of a closet on shelving but I know some months I can go a bit crazy buying fat quarters and such.  I need to save some money and spend more time in my sewing studio and less time wandering around spending money.
Example of HST Quilt Top
  1. Half-Square Triangle Quilt.  I really want to do a HST quilt with scraps and smaller pieces of fabric I have in my closet that I need to use up.  I want to begin cutting the squares for this quilt soon and finish it by the end of the year.  My hope is that I can have it be quite large, queen or king sized.  This is one I’d likely send out to have long-arm quilted so I wouldn’t have to wrestle with it on my machine.  
  2. Design.  I want to design at least two blocks or appliqué pieces myself and make something with it (either a wall hanging, table topper or something small).  I don’t want to go crazy with it but I want something personalized that is more than just a mug rug.  
  3. Finish Kits.  I have two kits sitting in my closet I want to start and finish.  I have a Koi Fish kit and a Magnolia Table Runner, both of which I purchased at the November quilt show.  They are too pretty to just sit in their little plastic baggies so I want to finish them before next year.  
  4. Charity.   I want to do three or four charity projects next year, either through my quilt guild or on my own.  
  5. Cutting Table.  I need to invest in a cutting table at home.  Hopefully I can also save money from selling stuff to purchase a cutting table.  It is on my Quilty Things Amazon Wish List.  
  6. Finish Holiday Gifts Early.  Hopefully planning ahead and finishing one or two gifts a month will not have me feeling so darned rushed during the holidays.  
  7. Mount design wall onto insulation board.  Here is an easy one!  
  8. Create a few tutorials with photos.  During some of my projects I hope to post a few tutorials on how I do it so others can comment with helpful tips or maybe even find it helpful themselves.  

 There!  I don’t think it is too bad and I tried to not make it too ambitious.  Now go create your own goal list and share it on the link up!  I want to see.  🙂


  1. Katherine, these sound like some awesome goals! I will definitely make sure to check back and see how you do with them. I adore that HST quilt of yours, it is a great idea for scraps! 🙂

  2. I like your fabric diet idea. I have told myself several times that I'm going to do that and always fail. Everything is just too tempting. I wish you the best. I'm excited to see your tutorials. I love learning from others.

  3. I like the fabric diet idea too. I do that from time to time but usually it's only because we're broke! lol. Maybe I'll do that too.

  4. You sure are ambitious– but I have a feeling you'll meet most, if not all of your goals. I'm also interested in doing a a HST quilt, although not so large as yours. In all my years of quilting I've done very little with triangles. So maybe we'll learn together!

  5. Great goals. I have a few kits in the closet that are waiting for some attention as well. Love the fabric diet idea too. Good luck on your 2011 goals!

  6. I love your HST quilt! I have yet to work with triangles, but they sure are pretty! I would like to go on a fabric diet as well! I have plenty of fabric and projects to keep me busy for more than a year, but I always find myself tempted. Enjoy the upcoming holidays!

  7. Great goals! I want to go back and redo mine now. A fabric diet sounds like something I need to consider…

  8. Ooh, I need that fabric diet too. Maybe we should all go on one together? : )

    I love your Amazon wish list. There's some really good stuff on there!

    Thanks for sharing your list, happy 2011!

  9. This is a great idea, I'll have to work out a list for myself! Love the fabric diet. Thanks for sharing!!

  10. Great list! I am gearing up to at least track my fabric in/out next year. I started in December so that I could clear out the 'grey area' and enter Jan clean to account for what I buy and what I am using.


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