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WIP Wednesday Roundup

Unfinished Binding

I got a lot done over the last week as far as this Daisy quilt was concerned.  I finished quilting it and I stitched the binding onto the front.  Now I need to sit down and watch several good movie marathons this weekend and finish stitching the binding onto the back by hand.  I’ll be done before I leave for Tallahassee on Monday I think if I can sit still long enough.  If not, I’ll be finishing it while I’m there.  

So, the tally from last week:

Since Last Week
  • Current Projects:  3 (Daisy Quilt, Butterfly Quilt, Scrap blocks, )
  • New Projects: 0
  • Completed Projects: 0
  • Projects Not Started: 3 (koi quilt kit, magnolia table runner kit, e-reader cover)
That new projects column will get a boost next week trust me.  My mom has found some cool patterns for coasters and I want to make some quilted ornaments for her tree while we are together.  I bought some ribbon already to take with me.  Not sure how I’m going to transport my entire sewing studio to Tallahassee but I’m sure I’ll figure it out. 

What basting method do you prefer?  

After working on the Daisy quilt, I’ve decided I think I’m done with pin basting.  Really not thrilled with how the backing turned out on this quilt.  The fabrics didn’t want to cooperate so despite my best efforts (stretching the backing, smoothing it out over and over again while pinning), it doesn’t have the clean finish I’d like to see.  I think I’m going to clear out an area in my garage and set up a table to do spray basting.  I might do a spray/pin basting combination for larger quilts like this.  I was listening to Brye Lynn’s podcast and she was talking about spray basting and how much of a difference she saw when she switched from pin basting to spray basting.  Sold.

Mug Rug Swap

The next few weeks I’m going to reorganize my space and prepare to do new projects.  I’ve also got the Inspiration Mug Rug Swap coming up!  If you haven’t joined yet, you have time! Join before December 31, 2010 and prepare to get inspired!

Go read my post all about the inspiration swap!
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