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Podcasting: How I Do It

Nonnie over at Nonnie’s Quilting Dreams asked that I post my own experience on podcasting and how I do it so I thought I’d share that with you. If you listen to podcasts you might find this interesting to find out some of the work (and usually money) involved with podcasting!  Step 1: Find a podcast host. Each podcast has to have a hosting service online.  They provide the storage space for you to upload your sound and/or video file of each podcast episode.  They also typically provide the webpage that iTunes uses to pull your podcast information from so other people can find it on iTunes.  Some even go a step further and provide a...
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02 – Guilds, Free Motion Quilting, Multitasking and Book Reviews

Notes on my podcast: A thanks to all my commenters! Free Pattern Friday - My experience on joining a quilt guild and why you should too How I’ve worked on my free motion quilting Multitasking – Women Vs. Men – Article talking about the perils of multitasking Book Reviews Whip Up Mini Quilts - Patterns and How-to for 20 Contemporary Small Quilts Quilting Dot to Dot - Patterns for Today’s Machine Quilter, by Cheryl Barnes, has 160 full-size patterns in a variety of styles, with illustrations showing the repeat elements in the pattern. Jelly Roll Quilts & More - Turn those enticing fabric bundles into a baker’s dozen of fun, fast, fabulous quilts! Patchwork Comforters Throws & Quilts  blog review from last...
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Fr…frr…fuhbluh bluh bluh Friday.

No free pattern friday this week.  Nothing of interest to share unfortunately pattern-wise.   I’m kind of frustrated with the hosting podcast end, I made a hasty mistake yesterday morning and now the tech support team with my podcast host is trying to fix my problem.  Frustrating – but I’ll learn one day to not click that delete button so quick.  I’m so glad my tech support team is British – they are very nice about the whole thing so far.  Once everything is fixed I’ll do a new episode and fill you guys in on the details. So today is going to be “fabric Friday” instead.  I found a gorgeous line of fabric that I’m...
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WIP Wednesday Roundup

Firstly, a big thank you to everyone that listened to and commented on my first podcast!  I’m making notes for #2 already.  If you  haven’t been able to listen yet you should be able to via the little player below:   Click to play Works in Progress   Mystery Quilt – Delectable Delights Blocks - This has been moved to my closet while I work on a time sensitive project that I hope to get done early, early February. Scrappy Challenge – Blue blocks - I fixed the one strip twist block that wasn’t pieced correctly which helped me have enough to piece the 4th one.  I think what I’m going to end up doing is 4 strip...
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01 – Introductions

Well I’ve just spent the better part of 4 hours figuring out all this podcasting stuff. Editing the audio file took the longest then for some reason after it uploaded it sounded odd so I had to fix that. I think I fixed it. Listen directly in iTunes if you wish! Clicking that link will automatically open iTunes and download it.  Or, Listen through your Web Browser iTunes hasn’t added my podcast yet to their listing but at least you have a way to listen to it now if you wish.  Will try again in a few weeks when I have more to podcast about. I’m not sure why I thought my first episode would be an...
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Nook Cover

I used my favorite butterfly fabric print to create myself a new cover for my Nook Color.    I think it turned out great!  I love the button.  The pattern for this can be found on Etsy. I took it to Barnes and Nobel a few days after finishing it and showed it to one of the workers after mentioning I made my own cover. I can’t believe the prices they charge for some of their stuff… like $50 for a generic cover. Crazy.  I might make a few generic looking ones to list on Etsy just to get it going.  I’m starting to get a system down for making them.  My mom loved hers and...
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A Travel Project – English Paper Piecing

What travel projects do you take with you for quilting?  Comment and let me know!  I’m curious! I’ve got a cruise coming up in March and I know I’d go nuts if I didn’t have some sort of travel project to take with me when I have downtime.  I posted in the Big Tent Quilting forum to see what other things people took as quilting handwork and English Paper Piecing came up a few times along with Hand Applique projects.  My mom gave me a Hand Applique book for Christmas so I need to take another look at that too. I’ve put in an order for 600 die cut 1″ hexagon paper pieces from PaperPieces.com.  My...
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Free Pattern Friday

Mod Mosiac edition! This pattern from Elizabeth at Oh! Frannson is for a floor pillow but you could expand this and turn it into a quilt quite easily. I love the look of it. If you used coordinating scraps I think this would also be a good scrap quilt. Take a look at her blocks in a citrus theme. Mod Mosaic Floor Pillow/Block Pattern Look at what Lee over at Freshly Pieced made using this technique!  I love the colors! Lee @ Freshly Pieced Put Together a Cool Combo
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Notion Review – Quilting Paper

Golden Threads Quilting Paper Otherwise titled: Quilting Paper – My Love/Hate Relationship.  I first tried using paper to quilt traced designs on when I did the borders of my pinwheel quilt.  I didn’t have any quilting paper then but my “follow the line quilt designs” book told me about this notion that you could quilt through onto the fabric and then tear away.   Freezer Paper I thought well, I don’t have fancy quilting paper but I’ve got a ton of freezer paper so why don’t I do that?  My results were decent.  I can’t complain.  The only thing that irritated me was how much time it took to tear the paper away from the quilting design...
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