Fr…frr…fuhbluh bluh bluh Friday.

No free pattern friday this week.  Nothing of interest to share unfortunately pattern-wise.  

I’m kind of frustrated with the hosting podcast end, I made a hasty mistake yesterday morning and now the tech support team with my podcast host is trying to fix my problem.  Frustrating – but I’ll learn one day to not click that delete button so quick.  I’m so glad my tech support team is British – they are very nice about the whole thing so far.  Once everything is fixed I’ll do a new episode and fill you guys in on the details.

So today is going to be “fabric Friday” instead.  I found a gorgeous line of fabric that I’m dying to buy pieces of but first I need some money to magically appear in my bank account.

Hoffman’s Hanami Fabric Line is part of their 2011 challenge fabric.  They have one main print they choose as the challenge fabric and then you can choose any coordinating fabric to go with it, it doesn’t even have to be a Hoffman Fabric but I don’t know how you could resist not using their gorgeous coordinating fabrics.  I’m a sucker for Oriental prints and anything with gold thread in the fabric honestly.  Details on their 2011 challenge can be found at their website.

I have a pattern out of a magazine I’m dying to use but of course they don’t make the fabric anymore since the magazine is like 8 years old… so I was going to adapt and use prints from this line instead….  I’m afraid of choosing fabrics for  a pattern without seeing them in front of me.  I don’t know that it would work with these fabrics anyway….

So for now they remain eye candy.  I need to pull out my Koi Fish quilt kit and start working on it to satiate my Oriental Fabric desire in the meantime.  Maybe I need to take a road trip up to Dunedin and wander around the gigantic quilt shop there for a bit

Edit: I actually just thought of something.  This would be a great fabric line to turn into a Grandmothers Flower Garden Quilt!  Will have to think on this some more…


  1. Once again your podcast was delightful. I am listening to the podcast as I comment.

    Glad to here you being positive about your endeavors with free motion quilting. I think that is what make FMQ fun is the practice and letting loose. I agree with you DRINKING AND QUILTING IS A RECIPE FOR DISASTER. I am getting a lot of ideas to add to my own FMQ.

    What you did not mention is the importance of moving and not being stagnant when you sew. That is why I switch between tasks.

    I am glad you are supportive of joining quilt guilds.