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Kindle 3 Cover Finished

Well mostly finished, I just need to get a pretty button for the front closure and it’ll be done.  Mom said it fit her Kindle 3 great!  See the pattern here.

Kindle 3 Cover - Outside
Kindle 3 Cover Inside
The inside has two pockets and each corner has a triangle to slip the Kindle into so it is held securely.  This is a Kaffe Fassett fabric and my mom wanted me to use the same print for the inside so it all blends together.  I forget the designer of the outside fabric but it is some poinsettia print by Bentarax.
I’ll put the button on and ship it to her in Tallahassee this weekend.  
Still need to cut fabric for my quilting class on Saturday.  I keep procrastinating.  Can you tell that I hate cutting fabric?  
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