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Mom Got her Kindle Cover!

It fits just fine!  Dad took pictures of it to show me.  I love this pattern. … [Read more...]

Free Pattern Friday – Camera Accessory Edition

I was going to skip Free Pattern Friday this week as I hadn't seen anything interesting but I happened upon this very nice pattern to make a customized DSLR Camera Bag!  Sewing … [Read more...]

Another Block Swap! – Strip Twist Block Swap – Feb-March 2011

I'm becoming a swap addict I think. I'm hosting a new block swap for the members of the Big Tent Quiltcast Supergroup folks (anyone that listens to quilting podcasts can join). We did our … [Read more...]

WIP Wednesday

Starting a new tally today for WIP Wednesday via Freshly Pieced. Current Projects: 4 New Projects: 4 Completed Projects: 1 Projects Not Yet Started: 2 Works in … [Read more...]

Potentially Podcasting and Quilting on a Budget

I've toyed with the idea of doing my own podcast for a few months but a few things have stopped me each time the thought comes up. One being the cost. Hosting a popular podcast can get … [Read more...]

Fresh Start and a Quilting Class in the New Year

Finally!  I had my husband look at the issue and he fixed it in less than 5 minutes.  The e-mail I got that was supposed to help from GoDaddy was totally wrong.   Anyway - I'm now Katie's … [Read more...]

Free Pattern Friday – Applique Edition

Appliqué was my first foray into quilting and I think I'll always love it.  I'm enjoying piecing too but you can make such cute stuff with appliqué!  So here is my Free Pattern Friday … [Read more...]

Kindle 3 Cover Finished

Well mostly finished, I just need to get a pretty button for the front closure and it'll be done.  Mom said it fit her Kindle 3 great!  See the pattern … [Read more...]

The Fun of a Custom Domain & Minor Quilty Update

Let me preface this by saying that I'm fairly tech savvy and I've worked with personal websites before thorough custom hosting so I'm not a complete moron.    Monday I had the bright … [Read more...]

Lists, Projects & Classes

My blog is currently switching domains which is why if you are trying to get to old posts you might be getting error messages.  Should be finished in a few days.  I'm hoping everything will … [Read more...]