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Scrap Challenge Update and Mug Rug Reveal

My normal sewing day tends to be Sunday. That is my catch-all day when I can work on things I either a) need to do or b) want to do. I wanted to knock out a bunch of blue blocks for the scrap challenge so I set to work. I put what I managed to get sewn together on my design wall and snapped a few shots. Note: I haven’t achieved the item on my goal list wherein I staple my “design wall” tablecloth to insulation board.  I’ve got some tumbling blocks, lots of crumb blocks and a few strip twist blocks done.  The strip twist blocks are HUGE.  I had no idea they would turn...
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Mom Got her Kindle Cover!

It fits just fine!  Dad took pictures of it to show me.  I love this pattern.
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Free Pattern Friday – Camera Accessory Edition

I was going to skip Free Pattern Friday this week as I hadn’t seen anything interesting but I happened upon this very nice pattern to make a customized DSLR Camera Bag!  Sewing Level:  Intermediate  (you can remove some of the inside pockets and the zipper to make it more beginner friendly according to the pattern creator) I may take a stab at this before I go on my cruise.  I have a nice camera backpack to tote everything around in but it is nice for regular shooting to have a smaller bag that is more portable.   Bonus:  Camera Strap Cover Tutorial  There are lots of these camera strap cover patterns out there, I prefer a more...
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Another Block Swap! – Strip Twist Block Swap – Feb-March 2011

I’m becoming a swap addict I think. I’m hosting a new block swap for the members of the Big Tent Quiltcast Supergroup folks (anyone that listens to quilting podcasts can join). We did our first swap last year, it ended a few days ago. Take a look at some of the cool blocks that were swapped then! http://www.flickr.com/apps/slideshow/show.swf?v=71649 So I’m doing a new swap beginning in February. Here are all the details! Please join us and I highly encourage you to listen to quilting podcasts. They are so much fun and full of lots of useful information for free!!! Strip Twist Block Swap Signup Deadline: February 7, 2011 Deadline for Packages to be Sent: March 14,...
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WIP Wednesday

Starting a new tally today for WIP Wednesday via Freshly Pieced. Current Projects: 4 New Projects: 4 Completed Projects: 1 Projects Not Yet Started: 2 Works in Progress   Sawtooth Stars Mystery Quilt – Delectable Delights Blocks – I’ve got good progress going so far on these. My dark sawtooth star blocks are done, I just need to piece the outer edges and then move on to the light sawtooth star blocks. Scrappy Challenge – Blue blocks – I’ve got lots of 2.5″ strips, squares and other things cut out. So I’m going to do some in the Strip Twist pattern and practice that for my Strip Twist swap I have coming up, I want to...
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Potentially Podcasting and Quilting on a Budget

I’ve toyed with the idea of doing my own podcast for a few months but a few things have stopped me each time the thought comes up. One being the cost. Hosting a popular podcast can get expensive depending on the number of listeners you have. Paid hosting at most places start around $9 a month. $9 can buy a nice yard of fabric or a charm pack. $108 yearly can certainly pay for a lot of quilting notions. I’m not sure how many listeners other quilty podcasts average but bandwidth can get expensive really quick. Two, I’m a new quilter and I don’t know that people would really want to listen to my blunders. I...
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Fresh Start and a Quilting Class in the New Year

Finally!  I had my husband look at the issue and he fixed it in less than 5 minutes.  The e-mail I got that was supposed to help from GoDaddy was totally wrong.   Anyway – I’m now Katie’s Quilting Corner officially.  My old blogger address will redirect you automatically so no need to change anything if you’ve got links or what have you.  Now I need to design some sort of logo or banner to use.     I took a class today taught by Kimberly Einmo!  It was lots of fun.  I now have three new rulers to play with, one for jelly roll strips, one to make flying geese and half square triangles without...
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Free Pattern Friday – Applique Edition

Appliqué was my first foray into quilting and I think I’ll always love it.  I’m enjoying piecing too but you can make such cute stuff with appliqué!  So here is my Free Pattern Friday edition featuring applique patterns. Wee Folk Art Wee Folk Art – Free Cute Patterns - Some very cute patterns including a bumblebee hive, owl, wizard, Babushka Doll (Russian Nested Doll), hearts, fireflies – needless to say this page in itself is a wealth of patterns.  The ones you see were done in wool but you can easily add 1/4 to the templates (if doing needle turn) and use them on fabric instead.  They have some really lovely looking wallhanging patterns on that...
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Kindle 3 Cover Finished

Well mostly finished, I just need to get a pretty button for the front closure and it’ll be done.  Mom said it fit her Kindle 3 great!  See the pattern here. Outside Inside The inside has two pockets and each corner has a triangle to slip the Kindle into so it is held securely.  This is a Kaffe Fassett fabric and my mom wanted me to use the same print for the inside so it all blends together.  I forget the designer of the outside fabric but it is some poinsettia print by Bentarax.   I’ll put the button on and ship it to her in Tallahassee this weekend.     Still need to cut fabric for my...
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