Quilt Show – Tallahassee

On Wednesday I visited the Tallahassee Quilters Unlimited Show at the Museum of Florida History.  The theme is “The Garden Party” and it was really awesome!  Here is a slideshow of all the quilts at the show.  The first few are of historical quilts that are on display at the museum permanently and then the actual show starts.

I can finally reveal the daisy quilt I gave my mom!


In other news I’m working on my blue scraps for the 2011 Scrap challenge.  I’m also cutting other scraps as I have time but this month we are to focus on all our blue scraps.  I have more of those than any other scraps.  I’m gonna work on those more tomorrow after I get Bernie’s food made for the next two weeks.  

One of my prototypes is close to being finished!  I created a dog ribbon holder for agility ribbons.  My appliqué turned out awesome on it since I’ve started using Fray Check.  I’ll likely finish it tomorrow.
Next Saturday I have my mystery quilt class.  I’m excited to do my first quilt class!  Not excited to have to cut up all the fabric but hopefully I’ll get it all done.  I don’t think I have much I need to cut.