All Work and No Play….

Finished one of my commissions. Had to get this one done in between quilting the lap quilt. I love the way they turned out. Really had fun designing these two dog ribbon quilts.

Dog Ribbon Quilts
Dog Ribbon Quilts

Can’t wait to see what she thinks about them! Tomorrow they’ll be shipped off to their new home.


  1. Those look great Katie! I'm sure they're going to LOVE them. You're going to be the hit of the agility world, lol. Do I see an ad in CleanRun in your future? 🙂

  2. I don't know if I could handle the volume from an ad in Clean Run! I'd have to hire a staff. I know I was surprised as to how much interest there was at the first agility trial I took them to. I thought maybe one or two people might be curious but it was more than that.

    Doesn't hurt that my friends are super awesome advertisers for me!

  3. Cute wall/create hangings. The ribbons will look great on them. I do have a question… shouldn't there be something that hold the center of the dog ribbon quilts. I would be concern that over time the quilt would sag in the center. I am not sure because I do not have a dog or a create.



  4. Good comment Nonnie!

    Not pictured is a dowel that is inserted into two hanging triangles on both the top and the bottom of the wallhanging on the back. This will help keep the edges from curling and also keep it hanging flat and straight.

  5. You've inspired me Katie! I'm working on quilted stall/wall hangings for my girls, Blossom (Appaloosa mare) and Tongo (Paint mare). 🙂

  6. You will have to send me pictures when you get them done Lori!