03 – Learning from Mistakes & Rabbit Trails




  1. This is what I do for labeling my quilts. I use a greeting card software program I have & I design a label using that, often incorporating cute images from the program. Then I print it out on fabric paper. I try to do 2-4 labels per sheet so as not too waste too much of the fabric paper. I sew it on my backing fabric 1st so that it gets quilted on nice & tight afterwards.

    BTW – Great podcast!

    Chester NY

  2. Hi Katie
    I am loving your podcast, your content is great and the sound quality is amazing. Keep up the good work. I have used the Sharon Schamber method of basting a quilt and find it incredibly helpful – I have not done anything really big but a large lap quilt is still a thing to be wrestled with. I have mobility problems and have found the boards such a help. My dad aka my quilt assistant helps me put the layers flat on the floor and then helps to roll them up onto the boards – I live in the UK and found it hard to find the boards mentioned but have been using some lengths of wood instead. I am then able to baste my quilt on the dinning room table and get a really flat and well basted quilt. It has made a big difference to me and I would highly recommend it. There are quite a few videos on youtube and Sharons own site if you haven't found them already. Thanks for the podcast. Best wishes.