New Sewing Machine & Scrap Swap

So the big news of the weekend is that last night I went out and purchased the Husqvarna Viking Sapphire 855. I also picked up the quilters feet set and the extension table for my machine. Because I purchased the machine I got 20% off accessories I purchased that night and from now on I’ll get 10% off future purchases. They have nice Mettler thread there so I’m sure I’ll be stocking up on my thread for applique and such as time goes by.

Viking Sapphire 855
Viking Sapphire 855
Viking Sapphire 855

Tried it out sewing some scraps together and then I pieced my quilt back for the lap quilt commission I have. So far all is well! I love the needle up/needle down function and how it picks the foot up into floating position whenever I stop pressing on the pedal. Lots of other things I’m enjoying too but those two things in particular are gonna make my life really easy.

Taking it to quilting bee with me this afternoon. I have to piece my blocks of the month for quilt guild and then I think I might try some applique.

Also – go check out the Scrap Swap over at Sew Sara! I signed up. Need new scraps for inspiration and want to clean out some scraps that I’m tired of hearing “Do something with meeee!” from their little scrap bins.



  1. CONGRATULATIONS on your new machine. I have heard good things about the Sapphire so I think you will love it.

    Just remember you can have the fanciest machine, studio etc in the world but if you do not know or do not use the machine, it doesn't matter. I say this because I know a very unhappy woman who loves to ONE UP everyone else had the newest and the fanciest but she can not use the fancy machine.

    It is all in what you know and what you do with what you know.

    Have fun learning all the new features.

    Happy Quilting… Nonnie
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  2. Woo-hoo!!! Congrats on the Viking Katie! Have lots of fun getting to know it. LOVE your extension table (might have to get one myself). I have found Gutermann thread also works well with the Sapphire. Just don't use Coats and Clark, you'll end up with a nasty thread nest in the bobbin case. You can buy Gutermann cheaper online than at Joann's (check out Atlanta

  3. Congratulations Katie on your new sewing machine!!!!! I just came across your podcast and blog and I absolutely love them. You have a fan forever!!!!! Keep up the good work.

  4. Yeah! congrats on the new machine 🙂 Have fun~~~~~

  5. Katie –

    Many congratulations on the new addition! I'm really excited for you. You'll notice an instant boost in your quilting skills now and all those features will make your life so much easier. Where did you buy the machine?

  6. Congratulations on the new machine. I figured you wouldn't last the week without getting a new one and I'm glad that you did! Enjoy it and remember to let us all live vicariously through you ; )

  7. I own that machine and I absolutely love it!!! Congrats!!!

  8. Yeah for new sewing machine. I'll be interested in hearing how that works for you. Have fun with it and keep up the podcasts!

  9. Thanks everyone!

    @Nonnie – They do training classes for machine purchasers for free so I'll be attending the next one they schedule. I've already read the manual twice but still want to play with some of the features in particular like the stitch programming. At quilting bee on Sunday the ladies commented that they were very impressed I was using it so well after only having it less than 24 hours.

    @Linda – The lady at the shop said the same thing. Gutterman and Sulky threads which are the only threads I use right now anyway so that was nice to hear. I will check out your link!

    @Donna – Aww thanks! Glad you are enjoying the podcast so far.

    @Lori – Thank you! I'm loving it a lot.

    @Kimberly – I went down to Tampa Bay Sewing Center in Brandon and made the purchase. They're the only Viking dealers in the area and they have two locations, one at Citrus Park Joanns and one in Brandon. I'm already seeing a difference in my quilting and it is taking some of the headaches away.

    @Dawn – LOL, nope I couldn't last a week. I probably should have tried out other machines but I liked this one so much I couldn't pass it up.

    @Sandi – Yay! All the Viking quilters coming out of the woodwork now.

    @Beth – Thanks! I'll have a long update on my next podcast about my new machine for sure.

  10. Anonymous says:

    I have the 875 and love it, I want to use it to free motion quilt with, so I have to do some practice pieces

  11. Anonymous says:

    Katie, I just found your podcast and website, I LOVe BOTH!!!! Hope all goes well with your doggie, you clearly love him so much! Gloria in TX

  12. Thank you for this info and for your website on the whole. I’ve just liked it.


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