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New Sewing Machine & Scrap Swap

So the big news of the weekend is that last night I went out and purchased the Husqvarna Viking Sapphire 855. I also picked up the quilters feet set and the extension table for my machine. Because I purchased the machine I got 20% off accessories I purchased that night and from now on I’ll get 10% off future purchases. They have nice Mettler thread there so I’m sure I’ll be stocking up on my thread for applique and such as time goes by.

Viking Sapphire 855
Viking Sapphire 855
Viking Sapphire 855

Tried it out sewing some scraps together and then I pieced my quilt back for the lap quilt commission I have. So far all is well! I love the needle up/needle down function and how it picks the foot up into floating position whenever I stop pressing on the pedal. Lots of other things I’m enjoying too but those two things in particular are gonna make my life really easy.

Taking it to quilting bee with me this afternoon. I have to piece my blocks of the month for quilt guild and then I think I might try some applique.

Also – go check out the Scrap Swap over at Sew Sara! I signed up. Need new scraps for inspiration and want to clean out some scraps that I’m tired of hearing “Do something with meeee!” from their little scrap bins.

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