03 – Learning from Mistakes & Rabbit Trails


Notes: Dog Show Blog Post with photos! Dog show quilted ribbon holders My Mug Rug post with photos Cheaters 8 Pointed Star Considering Babylock Ellegante 2 Commissions Does … [Read more...]

Scrappy Saturday


Small Bowl of Red Scraps I've banked this post in advance since I'm at a dog show all weekend and won't be getting much blogging or sewing done. I wanted to do an update on my … [Read more...]

Free Pattern Friday – Cheater’s 8 Pointed Star


Browsing through quilt patterns I always love looking at the star shaped or circular shaped ones.  I haven't learned paper piecing yet so some of these are above my current skill … [Read more...]

Happy Valentines Day to Me!!


Last week when I mentioned Valentines Day to the DH I asked him to please NOT waste money on flowers that die.  He asked what I wanted instead and I told him fabric so he thought that would … [Read more...]