05 – Sewing Machine Saga, Basting, Book Review & Quilty Updates



  1. Just listened to your recent podcast. I have to say, I do enjoy your podcast. I have a Viking Designer SE now. I don't use it's full potential though. I also have an even older model, the Viking Rose, that was purchased in the 90's. It still works like a charm. It's an older model but I do enjoy it as well. I did toy with getting a Bernina just for their BSR (stitch regulator), but decided not to. I have been quilting for many years but took a hiatus and now starting to quilt again. My favorite is "needle turn applique"! Yes, I enjoy the "A" word.

    BTW, I also enjoy knitting, spinning and weaving hence my quilting hiatus.

    Keep up the good work.

  2. YOU are right not to buy a machine without trying it out. Get your timing on the old machine checked out. I sounds like it could be a good machine that just need some work. It could be a good going to class machine. Having back up machines if you sew for a living or just for extra money, I am a hobby sewer and have three machines… my Bernina 440, my 26 year old Memory Craft 6000, a serger and a Kenmore for classes.

    I hate taking my best machine to classes. CHECK your straight stitch on whatever machine you buy; that is the most important part of quilting.

    THE BEST FEET screw on …. the snap on has more give and does not work as well.

  3. Oh, wow, I LOVE that idea about hand-basting using the trim board as a roll-up! that's brilliant! Will absolutely try that on my next quilt. I just picked up some tatting thread at the thrift store, too, so I'm nearly set. What a great idea to baste just sitting at a large table and not down on the floor! Really, at 54, I really don't feel that old most of the time … EXCEPT when I'm pin-basting on the floor! So glad to have a better alternative – thanks, Katie!