Free Pattern Friday – Totes, Totes, Totes

Fabric Basket

I’m going on a cruise and I’m hoping to take some time before I go and make a cute tote to use on the ship for all the things I need to carry around when I’m away from my room. So of course, I’m searching for easy, quick, free patterns! Had to share these with you.

I saw this posted over by Lee at Freshly Pieced so this will kick off our post – A very cute Fabric “Basket” – Designed by Ayumi of the Pink Penguin Blog. It could easily double for a small tote and I’m sure if you changed the box corners it would close more “tote-like” if you didn’t need it to sit on its own.
Charm Square Tote Bag
Next is a cute Charm Square tote bag! I think this might be the one that I attempt to make. I have an extra pack of Basic Origins fabric charm squares that I may dig into for this particular bag. Looks simple to piece and make. How cute is this?
I think it would be perfect to throw things into, quickly tie shut and throw over your arm.  No one could mistake it for their own too!  I’d probably add a few inside pockets before I inserted the liner since I’m a pocket freak.
Some of the photos are a little unclear so it might take some trial and error to get the seams right the first time.
This has a fresh, modern look to it.  It does include a zipper but has very clear instructions on how to sew a zipper onto the inside lining.  I might attempt this when I have more time to do it as it seems like it would likely take a day or so to piece.
The construction is very nice and seems like it would hold up to some heavy use.
Do you have any tote tutorials you want to share?  Comment below!


  1. You Rock! Thanks for the great tutes, I see a basket and the modern bag in my future. The basket would be perfect for bringing my lunch to work, large tupperwares ALWAYS flip around in grocery bags or others so this would let them lie flat. Have a great weekend, hope Basil is doing well!

  2. Thanks for sharing the links to these tutorials.
    I want to make the Moderm Tote bag too.

  3. Thanks for posting a link to my pattern. I'm sorry you find the photos unclear. Maybe you'd like to drop me a comment and suggest how I cold make them clearer.