Guild Meeting

Coxey’s Camp Quilt Blocks

Tonight is my March guild meeting.  I finished the second BOM block last night.  We make two of the same block, one to keep one to put into the drawing for the guild.  They create a set of 12 blocks and then draw a persons ticket to see who gets to take home 12 blocks that night.  Last month there were enough participants to do 5 drawings!  I didn’t win sadly but maybe my luck will change this month.

I posted this on my Twitter but I was wondering, out of these two blocks which one would you keep for yourself?  Civil war fabrics are dark and muddy colors typically so I had to pull some stuff out of my stash to make the 2nd block as I ran out of the provided fabric to do it with. The block on the right is the fabric that came in the kit, the block on the left has fabric from my stash.  (I’m partial to the block on the left personally.) 

If you are curious – this pattern is the Coxey’s Camp Quilt Block.  Our BOM this year is all civil war blocks so we get the history behind each block and the pattern along with some fabric to complete one or two blocks.  It has been really fun so far.  

What else have I been up to since the sewing machine purchase?  Sewing!  I did a little bit of appliqué to see how it went and now I’m quilting the large lap quilt on the machine.  Oh how I yearn for a Horn cabinet now.  

I did try the Sharon Schamber basting method (well sort of) and will talk about that in my next podcast.  It was useful but I had a heck of a time installing the hinges on my trim boards to keep them together.  I read somewhere that some people roll the quilts up on those foam noodles kids use in the pool and I might try that next time instead.  I just don’t know if they would be long enough for a really wide quilt….

What have you worked on so far this week?


  1. Our guild is doing the same thing w our BOM this year: Covil War and. Block lotto. We did it for the first time last month but we only had 9 blocks for the lotto – bummer. Oh – I would keep the one you like!

  2. Katie — SO sorry I missed the guild meeting last night. I really had planned to attend; then it completely slipped my mind. Please remind me next month….I'd love to sit with you!