08 – Cruise, English Paper Piecing, a Quilters Survey, Finished Top


Lots and lots of stuff to talk about!

  • Lakeland Sewing and Quilt Expo
    • Purchase made of a quilting hoop
    • Demoing Long Arms
  • Cruise Highlights
    • English Paper Piecing & thread basting
  • Results of the Quilter’s Survey (100 Quilters Surveyed)
    • 1. How many years have you been quilting? 
      • Average response: 9.26 years
    • 2. What skill level would you consider yourself?  
      • 48% Intermediate, 31% Confident Beginner, 11% Beginner, 9% Advanced, 1% Other
    • 3. Please describe the type of space you use for quilting/sewing/crafting, I.E. – Separate room in your home; corner of the bedroom; sunroom… etc.   
      • A majority had a separate room.  
    • 4. Do you produce a quilting podcast?  
      • 90% No, 7% Yes, 3% I’m Considering it
    • 5. Please estimate how much you spend per month on quilting related purchases (in US Dollars) 
      • $76.45 average
    • 6. Are you a member of a quilting guild?
      •  36% Yes, 31% No, 4% I was but I’m not anymore
    • 7. Have you ever taught a class related to quilting?
      •  79% No, 14% Yes, 6% Other, 1% I’m scheduled to teach my first class
    • 8. Please select the precut(s) you prefer to use the most of when quilting.
      •  37.5% Charm Packs, 36.5% Jelly Rolls, 29.2% Other (yardage or fat quarters), 19.8% layer cakes, 3.1% honeybuns.
    • 9. Have you ever entered a quilt in a quilt show?
      •  58.6% No, 21.2% Yes, 14.1% I plan to one day, 4% I would never do this, 2% Other
    • 10. What skills would you like to learn or improve upon the next 5 years?
      • Majority stated free motion quilting
This is my Butterfly quilt top.  As soon as I had it all smoothed out on the floor the dogs walked in the room and walked on it.  Since we were about to leave I hurriedly took a photo.  The wrinkles aren’t really in the top.  You can see how the left panel doesn’t really line up all the way.  It’s ok though.  I like the way everything turned out and I really like the fabrics I chose for it.  They are interesting looking marbled Moda fabrics.  Still not sure if I’m going to quilt it myself or take it to a long arm quilter.
These are the English Paper Pieced flowers I was able to get done.  Mostly I thread basted fabric to hexagons creating the “petals”.  I did sew one flower completely together and was working on the next one before we left the cruise.  You can see the needle on the one I’m working on. I really like the way they look crisp and uniform with the die-cut templates.
These are the first attempts I made using hand-cut templates with freezer paper.
Now that they are all sewn together I’m going to quilt them at some point into small vase mats or something.
I went remnant bin diving again!  I said I wouldn’t but I did anyway.  My black and white fabric collection is growing!  I see a black and white and red quilt in my future at some point.
Lastly I show you the scraps that were sent to me by my partners from the Sew Sara Scrap Swap.  I believe I got more back than what I sent out.  I got some great stuff!


  1. I just looked at the results of your quilting survey. It appears that I'm pretty typical of your readers!