07 – Cruise Prep, More Doggie Drama, Project Update, Shopping

  • Finding fabric shops away from home
  • Update on Basil
  • Another quilting bee and I’m going to Sewing Expo in Lakeland
  • Guild Creativity Challenge
  • Find me on Facebook
  • The Budget conundrum
  • Cruise prep
  • Strawberry Festival Quilts (see slideshow below) and a quilty find
  • Quilting Survey


Quilt Guild Challenge Fabrics

Forgot to mention it but go check out two new quilter podcasts, The History Quilter and Crafty Garden Mom!


  1. From your two fabrics that you have to make for your challenge, what about a landscape quilt? The greenish-brown could be used for tree trunks,leaves or ground cover along a river bank area. The other for a plowed field. When you mentioned the fabrics on your podcast a landscape quilt wall hanging or pillow popped into my mind right away. Fabrics could be free-hand cut to form your scenery in your landscape picture.
    Thank you for sharing photos of your visit to the fair. I am thankful for pod casts and blogs since listeners and viewers, like myself, can experience life through others. In my area the fair is in September and it is nowhere as fabulous as what you shared through your photos. My husband, who is originally from the east coast, has mentioned about turkey legs and turkey necks but I have never seen them.
    I liked the comment about dogs at the swim pool at the end of the season, how fun.

  2. I worry about the number of fabrics that would have to be used in a landscape quilt and since I'm limited to only using 4 additional fabrics (and that includes the background) I don't think I could achieve a good look with that limitation.

  3. Ellen Kurland says:

    You constantly amazes me. You are one of the most put together human beings I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. You have such great insight and have the ability to share with everyone.