WIP Wednesday

On the table:

  • 3 Dog Ribbon Holders – I’ve cut the background fabric and traced the letters onto the fusible web.  I hope to get almost all of the shapes appliquéd tonight so I can prepare it for quilting by the weekend.  I have a 4th one I want to try to do before I leave but not sure if I’ll have time.
  • Butterfly Applique Quilt Nearly finished doing the appliqué stitch on all the panels.  All I have are two panels with the butterfly bodies and I’ll be done.  Then I can trim the panels and start piecing. 

On the side I’m cutting fabric for strip twist blocks and my Grandmother’s Flower Garden traveling project I’m taking on the cruise.  Went through my closet on Monday and started pulling fabrics I didn’t think I’d be sticking in a project anytime soon so I can use them up in a scrappy GFG quilt.  I’ve got quite a stack on my ironing board of fabrics to be cut into strips.  By the end of it I’ll have a nice selection I think and there is more in the closet if I want to cut more up.   I’ll have to take a photo of all the strips I end up cutting when I’m done.  I’m filling up the bowl quite nicely so far!

I did start a small project, not sure if I’m going to bother finishing it.  Not completely happy with the way the quilting is going but who knows, I might rip out what i don’t like and leave in what I do.  The plan was to use 3 different shades of blue thread to accent the fabric print.  I was able to play around with the letter stitching function on my sewing machine.

The back is a neat tropical shirt print that I found in the remnant bin and couldn’t figure out what to do with it.  I’m hoping to make this into a door hanger for our cabin on the cruise.  it’ll be 12″ square when it is done.

Projects on hold:

  • Jelly Roll Mystery Quilt
  • Scrap Quilt (square in a square)
  • Crumb Blocks

I’m so behind on my Rainbow Scrap challenge.  I didn’t do a darn thing for February and still haven’t touched March.  I think I’ll just end up making my strip twist blocks and use up what green scraps I can so at least I did something.  Will have to eventually do my red strip twist blocks at some point. 

In other news, I got some clarification from my vet on exactly what is going on with Basil’s hip.  I wrote a few blog posts on it (post 1, post 2) over at my personal blog.  Had sort of a bad evening yesterday when I realized how bad this could be for him.  Today I talked to a few friends and I think what I’ll end up doing is taking him to a specialist in April to have him looked at.


  1. Katie, have you looked at the clear plastic feet available with your new sewing machine? The plastic version of the foot you're using for applique makes it so much easier to see where your stitches are going, especially around something curved like your butterfly block. Keep it in mind (they're not very expensive either).

    So sorry about Basil! Hang in there!

  2. Yeah. They didn't have them in the store when I purchased it. Decided to try the other feet before I ordered one online. So far that foot is working out well, I've got good visibility. Haven't had a problem yet. The curves are so subtle it is easy to sew around.

  3. Your machine does beautiful satin stich on your applique..very impressed.
    btw, love listening to your podcasts

  4. Very impressive appliqueing – I am always so impressed by applique done well. : ) And what a cute idea to make something for your cruise! Thanks for linking up, have a great week.