Free Pattern Friday – Fabric Home Decor Edition

Do you have a fabric print that you just aren’t sure what to do with?  Think it might do better being displayed on the wall in some fashion?  Have no fear!  Here are some patterns to help you achieve that goal and get that gorgeous fabric up on the wall.
Inspired by “Positively Charming” from designer Tari Colby
Stretched canvas, ribbon, a glue gun and a staple gun will help you achieve this finished look for a nice wall display.  
It is interesting to see how different prints come together and create a cohesive look when displayed in this manner.  You could do this in various places in your home if you don’t already have a quilted wall-hanging to display.  There are all sorts of novelty fabrics that would work in special settings too like your kitchen or bathroom.  

I think I might stop short of displaying anything in the garage though.

Amy Butler released this free pattern using one of her fabric lines.  What a great way to do something different with all of those word art pieces we see around now and to display some fun fabric instead!

I’d probably make some different fabric choices but the templates are nice to trace from since she has them all ready for you and also ready to tape onto.  Just make sure you trace your letters from the wrong side of the paper so when you cut them out they come out correctly. 

Her pattern also stretches her own canvas so if you find that a little too challenging (or expensive) you might want to look for good deals on pre-stretched canvas.  You can usually get them at an art supply store relatively inexpensively (even look for the ones that are in the clearance bin that have lost some of their tautness since you can typically fix this with re-stapling).  Michaels and Jo-Annes usually has them for 50% off their MSRP.

Other Simple Ideas

Swatch Portraits from
The Purl Bee

Swatch Portraits – The Purl Bee

A really simple tutorial on using old embroidery hoops to display fabric instead of canvases.  

You can look for these at yard sales and just hold onto them until you get a nice collection for your wall.  I’m sure we all have gorgeous fabrics in our stash that would work in all sizes of embroidery hoops.

Just take a look at some of the possibilities on Google Image search!